10 days of thrush with no improvement? any suggestions?

September 11th, 2012 by Emily
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Question: 10 days of thrush with no improvement? any suggestions?
I have now had thrush for 10 days.
I got it after taking 1 days worth out of my 5 day treatment for a sinus infection.
I used a 3 day cream with no luck & started to get a lot worse, very fast. So my mum took me to the hospital on the wednesday night just past but after inactivity 8 hours they gave me tiny to no advice, just simply “you have thrush, continue to use the creams”.

The next day I started to blister & my skin was starting to split (& the biggest split is right over my clitoris, so LOTS of pain)

Yesterday at work I was in such agony my boss told me to go back to the hospital. My mum took me back up & my blood pressure was so high they couldn’t even get a reading. But they still sent me back into the inactivity room where I waited for another 2 hours before ending up in a ball on the floor in tears from the pain & having random strangers telling the nurses to help me.

When a gynaecologist finally came to see me she just insulted me. She told me I “should have known better” to begin thrush treatment with these particular antibiotics prescribed because “it’s a commonly known fact they give women thrush”. I’m not a doctor, I don’t know the in’s & out’s of each medication!
She also told me that I “had brought it upon myself” because I had shaved. I shaved the morning I was prescribed the antibiotics, I didn’t know I’d be developing thrush my bedtime, if I did, I wouldn’t have shaved! But she refused to believe that it was anything other than self inflicted by irritated skin from shaving even though where I have blistered only about 1/4 of that area actually gets shaved.
She also wasn’t shy about letting the other 5 (4 of which were male) patients in the room know what was happening by speaking extremely loud.
The only test results they bothered to tell me from the swap, blood & urine tests were that the blisters are not herpes.
I was then prescribed cream & sent on my way.

Now being just about 24 hours later, I am now in more pain than I was yesterday.
The blisters are getting bigger, some are weeping and/or bleeding, more blisters are coming up, the split is now infected & the discharge has blood in it.
I’ve taken 2 salt baths (one morning, one night) like they recommended, using the cream prescribed, continued to use pessaries that my GP prescribed a few days ago & taking the strongest painkillers that can be prescribed without having surgery.

I’m also due for my period any day now, so I’m wanting to get this cleared up (or at least noticeably better) very swiftly because it’ll only add to the pain & take longer to heal.

The physicians at the hospital only seem to want to embarrass & insult me, not help me, so I’d find going back up there to be quite pointless (especially on a Saturday night, there’ll be so many drunks there who’ve just been in fights or needing stomachs pumped who they’ll see as priority)

Is there anything that anyone might recommend? Any remedies or old wives tales anyone finds helpful? At this point, I’ll try anything.

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Answer by softspot100
Normal thrush is easily treated with cream and a pessary used together. However now you have broken areas you might well need an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor. Even though it’s weekend you might get an on call physician to give you a prescription. Meanwhile use salt and pre boiled water to bathe. No soap at all. In future should you need antibiotics for anything else ask your GP for one which won’t give you thrush. You could try washing very gently with natural live yogurt once your blisters have healed over.

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One Comment on “10 days of thrush with no improvement? any suggestions?”

  1. Larkin L says:

    Sounds like you are allergic to the medication. You need to see a different doctor.

    Here’s some things to try:

    1. Put a tsp of apple cider vinegar in a 6-8 ounce glass of water and drink it 2-3 times a day.

    2. Mix a tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide in a cup of water and pour over the area.

    3. Fill a bathtub with just enough warm, not hot, water to create a sitz bath (enough water to cover your groin and just up to your belly). Add 2 cups of raw apple cider vinegar and sit in the bath with your knees folded toward your body (not stretched out flat). You can stay in this bath mixture for 15 minutes. Gently pat dry and make sure you are very dry before putting any clothes on. Wear only cotton underpants, preferably washed in natural unscented detergent.

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