10 POINTS!!!!!! Please! Tongue Thrush and white coated tongue!!!?

October 28th, 2011 by Emily

Question: 10 POINTS!!!!!! Please! Tongue Thrush and white coated tongue!!!?
Please help me! I have this gross white coated tongue a lot during my whole life… and this last year i have found 8 white bumps that begin at the back of my tongue, down my throat and it tickles a tiny bit.. and feels like theres a long hair in the back of my throat…

Anyway… i have been sick with a flu with temp 103.9 and i have this horrible taste in my mouth and i went to look in the mirror and my tongue was white again… is there any cure i can do at home? like right now? besides going to the doctor? like rinsing with salt water? or sumthin?


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Answer by Dusty
Well these could be Fungal or related to cold sores i would try saline gargal.The white sores might also be related to lukoplacia wich is a result of using chewing tobacco and could turn into cancer.After you try the saline gargal if they do not go away i would contact your local doctor.

Recipe for saline gargle: Take some boiled water, cool it to slight warmth, add enough salt to make it hypertonic, and voila! The household cure to sorethroats! DO THIS THREE TIMES A DAY! AND AVOID ALL COLD STUFF LIKE ICE CREAM!

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