1991 Toyota Corolla Exhaust loud after flooring it and driving a bit fast?

September 15th, 2013 by Emily

Question: 1991 Toyota Corolla Exhaust loud after flooring it and driving a bit fast?
The automobile is a bit rusty and now it is loud and it runs fine and great but it is very loud sounds like it has a thrush muffler or like a sports automobile nearly like a motorcycle but has little 96 HP engine? It got loud after driving it fast one day I kinda heard something pop? Any ideas?
Lol. Well I was driving it fast as far as 91 corollas go.

It’ll beat you in a reliability race! (;

(Just with some extreme noise)

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Answer by lazysardineboolacordlikeyourmom
is the performance better? i heard those automobiles are very fast

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5 Comments on “1991 Toyota Corolla Exhaust loud after flooring it and driving a bit fast?”

  1. ADB says:

    you blew out the rusted muffler/exhaust pipe or a gasket on one of your exhaust pipe connections

  2. huntermatt21 says:

    Pretty much what ADB said. I did the same thing to my sister’s 92 accord. Floored it, one the engine approached redline, popped a hole in the rusted muffler. But she wasn’t mad, she liked the new sound of her old car. =D

    Just bring it in to a muffler shop and they will fix it for ya with a new muffler. If you wanna do it on the cheap on your own, get some muffler tape/repair kit and wrap your muffler/pipe up to stop the noisy leak.

  3. ihrobin says:

    guess you’ve got to change one or more parts of the exhaust system.

  4. Goldylocks says:

    That happened to my 94 corolla. I blew my catalytic converter. Well the exhaust pipe that comes out of that. Its probably that you have a lot of rust under there, and the muffler or some part of the exhaust has a hole in it. You can kinda test it by starting the car, puting your hand on the end of the exhaust pipe, and see allong the muffler if you can see the air coming out from somewhere its not supposed to.
    Hope it helps

  5. Mike Rathbourne says:

    The exact same thing happened to my brothers Corolla ten years ago. We used the tried and true banana in the tailpipe method and it worked like a charm. He just rolled over 240,000 miles and going on 2,350 bananas. Not bad stats eh? One banana every 10,000 miles or so.

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