40 weeks + 3 d? As pregnant, l? Liquid or at? Mica, because the treatment of oral candidiasis?

June 7th, 2012 by Emily
treatment of candidiasis
by plants in Vietnam and U.S. plants

Question : 40 weeks + 3 d? as pregnant, l? liquid or at? mica, because the treatment of candidiasis im 40 weeks + 3 d? as pregnant and yesterday I had treatment for thrush (? vulo + cream). Last night I went to sleep and woke me? early this ma? ana because I COULD? to ??feel that the l? liquid dripping and ten? to wet panties. I went to sleep and so Happened? again. Is this due to treatment or might be fluid at? Mica? someone ten? to it? Greatest answer: Answer

Sarah lol
fluid at? mica which means the l? liquid amni? tico. .. I hope you have a treatment trush m physician and not on the counter as pessarys can be hazardous while pregnant. Its doable its waters est? No filtering … the m? to, but I was in labor at the time. Your superior off calling your midwife, as might ask whether it is in because of the water, then the baby? no longer est? protected.

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2 Comments on “40 weeks + 3 d? As pregnant, l? Liquid or at? Mica, because the treatment of oral candidiasis?”

  1. Lee & Beks says:

    i think its your waters i cant seeing that being coz of the thrush treatment, you can be checked out by your midwife they take a swob to see if it is your waters. they normally want you to have the baby no more than 3 days after your waters break due to infection. give your midwife a call

  2. Sophie and Jacob's mummy says:

    What on earth is atomic fluid?!

    AMNIOTIC fluid is the fluid surrounding the baby and from what you’ve described it sounds liek they’ve gone- if you suspect they may be leaking go to hospital as if you don’t go into labour naturally you’ll need to be induced as there is a chance infection can set in after a certain time. In meantime it’s important not to put anythign at all into the vagina to prevent bacteria entering the uterus now the baby is unprotected from germs.

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