A little gross, but 14 weeks of pregnancy and infection? N yeast?

December 31st, 2013 by Emily
infection? n by herbal cure yeast
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Question: kind of gross, but 14 weeks pregnant and yeast infection n I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have had yeast infections in progress since? d? enter to me? that was pregnant. I have tried creams but nothing seems to work. ? Know guys of herbal remedies or any medications that work? An better? Thanks guys, this is me? freaking Greatest answer:

Preg your doctor to ask your child what? should do next? n, can be something more than an infection s? n by fungi that might cause danger to your pregnancy.

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6 Comments on “A little gross, but 14 weeks of pregnancy and infection? N yeast?”

  1. My Sugarlump due 11/29/10 says:

    Have you talked to your doctor yet? I would think after trying over the counter medications, your doctor would want to try the prescription Diflucan or something else. If the creams didn’t work, I wouldn’t think any other hermal remedies, etc. would work either. Good luck.

  2. gungalmama says:


  3. strawberry_short_cake says:

    I am the same way try your doctor thier is a med he can give you thats safe for you and baby

  4. SamSam says:

    Im 9 months pregnant and I have had the same problem for months, it really sucks!! I tried everything I could think of..I asked my doc and he said to get otc meds for it and he didnt want to prescribe anything to me he said its normal because im pregnent..So I went looked it up online and saw that someone had posted to use a powder that contained an antifungal i forgot what the word for it is but the stuff I found was called Zeasorb-AF its kinda like baby powder but for jock strap, athletes foot and ring worm (its in the “foot section” at walmart where all the medicine is at)..Anyways it worked better than anything I had previously used, kept it dryer down there if u know what i mean so it could heal and it took away the itch and burning on the spot..So you should look into that…Also try to keep it aired out down there and wear cotton undies and go unddieless as much as u can so it doesnt get warm and moist because I learned thats when the yeast “grows”..Its freaking disgusting i know..Good luck and I hope u feel better soon..

    I also read to stick a garlic clove up there attached to a little string kinda like a tampon but I didnt feel comfortable trying that..

  5. Apple -- Nov 14, 2010 says:

    I know the feeling! I got my first yeast infection in my first trimester…not fun!
    I was given the prescription cream stuff but it didn’t really work.
    Strangely enough I was put on antibiotics for something unrelated, and I swear that cleared it up.

    But talk to a doctor. I could just be full of crap!

  6. Jenna says:

    You can try 1-3 tbsp of vinegar with water and apply it directly to your vagina. That’s what I did when I was also pregnant and experience yeast infection. Sooner or later, it will be gone with proper hygiene and medication. Avoid too much sugar which trigger yeast infection.

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