October 23rd, 2011 by Emily

Question: acidophilus?
hi I’m treating infant thrush with gentain violet and wondered if it would be at all beneficial to take acidophilus capsules in conjunction to help with the yeast I do not have a vaginal yeast nor am I or have I or baby been on antibiotics I don’t have a sugary diet so I don’t know where the yeast came from will taking acidophilus regularly help to prevent this from reoccuring and is it innocuous for breastfeeding? I can ask the doc tuesday but until then any tips?

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Answer by Faete
You don’t actually have to have a sugary diet to have thrush. The bacteria that causes thrush or vaginal yeast infections lives in us at all times, but normally it is kept in check my other bacteria. When you become stressed out or sick theen the yeast can get a bit out of control.

And yes, the acidophilus will help. :)

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4 Comments on “acidophilus?”

  1. Free Thinker says:

    The acidophilus is fine to take, in fact I would give the baby babydophilus, a liquid form of acidophilus. If you are nursing then absolutely take it yourself because the bacteria has an affect on you nipples. There is a form of probiotic that I take that is not destroyed by the stomach acids and has a quick response to yeast. It is called floracol. I mail order it, email me and I can give you the info.

  2. mamadiers says:

    Yes, it will be beneficial if you are breast feeding. Also, mix some of the acidophilus with lanolin ( like the Lansinoh brand) and put it on your nipples before nursing. Put some of the lanolin mixture on any pacifiers or if you bottle feed, on the nipple of the bottle. You don’t have to have a sugary diet to have a systemic yeast problem. Good luck and hope I helped. Btw, I went through thrush problems with my first 2 kids. If you need any more advice, feel free to e-mail me.

  3. latonya b says:

    Yeast over growth can be remed with taking iron drops. Acidophilus is good or wheat grass juice, just a drop of wheat grass on the tongue, dab with cotton swab to clean,and give baby plenty of water.

  4. erica_jasna_struble says:

    Acidophilus is totally safe to use when you are breastfeeding and you might want to take it daily to help prevent the thrush from recurring. My son had thrush when he was around 2 months old and I was puzzled because I’ve never had a yeast problem, either.

    Right now, however it’s important for both you and your baby to be treated because once you both have it you’ll “ping pong” it back and forth. My regular gp prescribed a 1x dose of diflucan for me and then had me use yogurt on my nipples for the little one. She also recommended that I take acidophilus, but it had to be at least 1 billion per unit to have the most therapeutic effect. I took New Chapter’s Neo-Flora. I like their brand a lot. Make sure that when you are taking any acidophilus that you store it away from a heat source because the heat will destroy the “friendly” bacteria. I store my acidophilus in the fridge.

    Also, if you’re not taking a regular vitamin which has a good amount of B and C in it, make sure that you do that because it will help correctly balance the “friendly” bacteria and also help to restore your own immune function. This in turn will help your babies immune system to help fight off the thrush.

    B’s and C’s are great anyway for a host of different reasons – I found they were great for me when I was barely getting sleep from breast feeding so much during the night time.

    Hope this helps! Email me if you should have more questions.

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