Am I ok to buy thrush treatment OTC if it’s my first time?

August 21st, 2011 by Emily

Question: Am I ok to purchase thrush treatment OTC if it’s my first time?
I’ve just completed a course of Amoxicillin and developed thrush (or what I believe to be thrush) a few days ago. I heard that if it’s the first time you have thrush you’re supposed to go to the Physicians first but I’ve just rang mine up for an appointment and they’re shut for 2 weeks. I’ve purchased some Canestan but I’m wary of using it. Will I be safe?

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Answer by starlite
your dr should have someone who is seeing their patients while their away call the clinic and they should be ready to help connect you with that dr. You should not use medication with out knowing what you need to be treated for you might not even have thrush, you might just have a yeast infection which would require a different medication.

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One Comment on “Am I ok to buy thrush treatment OTC if it’s my first time?”

  1. raymd says:

    Read the literature especially the contraindications. if you don’t identify any reason why u shouldn’t, then you can use it.

    The question however is : is it really thrush?
    Thrush causes itching, thick whitish discharge and you may have burning pain while urinating if u have been itching for a while.

    if there is a foul smelling yellowish or greenish discharge, then it is not thrush. Also if you have pains in your abdo, it may be more serious than just thrush.

    otherwise, canesten cream or pessary + good hygiene should do.

    good luck!

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