Antibiotics, yeast infection and garlic (natural treatment)?

July 1st, 2012 by Emily
natural yeast infection treatment
by La.Catholique

Question: Antibiotics, yeast infection and garlic (natural treatment)?
I had yeast infection when i was 17, it was the worst feeling every!!! the itching and the burning and also the swelling and the discharge, back then, garlic did the trick and it went away within 4 days. I’m 20 now and i had a really bad cold, so my physician place me on antibiotics, i had to take one paper each 12 hours and i had to take it for 7 days (it was 14 pills in all) i took about 6 tablets, and i noticed my vagina felt really sore and swollen, so i wondered what could be the problem…. i searched the world wide web and found that you can get a yeast infection by taking antibiotics…. I was shocked, but i automatically turned to garlic…. back then when i used the garlic it was a relief because it really helped with the itching, but now… it doesnt itch and it really burns when i rub the garlic there, so i decided to take a clove of garlic each 12 hours…. it really helped with my cold…. one week passed but it seems that i still have the yeast infection…. my vagina isn’t as swollen or as painful as before but i still have a thick, creamy, white, odorless discharge…. sometimes it’s really sticky, like snot…. i shower everyday, and it really burns when i wash down there, i dunno whats happening…. this day is the 7th day and i still seem to have a yeast infection. I really want to stick to the natural home remedy, but should i go to the doctor???

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Answer by *Blush*
Try using yogurt or probiotics too (take a few hours after your antibiotic) and stay away from sugar. Coconut oil also works very well, you can consume it and also use it topically. If these don’t help at all, see your physician just in case. There are other infections that seem like yeast but actually aren’t, and they need to be treated differently

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