Any homemade cure for a vagina smell bad?

December 22nd, 2013 by Emily

Question: Any homemade cure for a smelly pussy Whenever I have this sticky vaginal discharge that smells very fishy. Not a good smell and sometimes I can smell trav? S of my jeans. NOT have an infection? N yeast, what s? for sure. ~ As? that there are things I can do to prevent this odor than going to the store and purchase a cream or something PLEASE HELP Greatest answer:?.


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6 Comments on “Any homemade cure for a vagina smell bad?”

  1. Charlie says:

    Fill it with your favorite smelling lotion twice a day and dont sleep with panties on, it needs to air out, just make sure the windows open it will get too stinky

  2. chowrice says:

    you have an infection of some kind or your ph balance is all messed up. A vagina should NOT smell like fish. period. It may clear up on it’s own, but I would just go to a gyno and she can prescribe you medication for it. Also, get a pap smear to make sure your all good down there. Bathe twice a day and make sure to clean yourself down there with water only.

  3. Bugg says:

    you probably have bacterial vagenosis. see your doctor. they give you either antibiotics or a gel to insert for about a week. then it goes away. it’s common.

  4. volleyball luver101 says:

    Take vagisil wash for the shower and and vagisil powder!!! And soap and wash and buy anti odor pantyliners!!!

  5. AzgKr says:

    If you say it’s not a yeast infection maybe its a STD you should have a doctor check you out just to make sure. Are you sexually active if so and if your partner co**s in you maybe that’s what is causing the smell so maybe you need some feminine wash.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Well,it’s not only a yeast infection that makes our vagina’s smell/stink.There are different types of vaginal infections that will cause this ’smell’.You really have to go to your GYN for a pap-smear,then your GYN will be able to figure out exactly what type of vaginal infection you have.And treat it accordingly.NEVER apply lotion on your vaginal area..Never do this!! That will only make matters much worse,possibly ever cause a yeast infection on top of what you already seem to have.So,just don’t do that,ok? No powders,creams/lotions nothing UNTIL you see your GYN.You can however go to your local pharmacy and purchase some over the counter vaginal cream,this will only relieve any itching you might have.But nothing will take away the odor,except a prescription medication from your doctor.You could also go to your primary doctor for a pap smear,either way this infection can NOT be treated over the counter.How do you know you don’t have a yeast infection? Just wondering how you know this.Just go see your doctor/GYN,ok? Good luck to you.

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