? Any ideas on c? Mo treat an infection? N penile yeast? Or am I being punished for sexual immorality?

February 10th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Any thoughts on c? mo treat an infection? n penile yeast? Or am I being punished for sexual immorality? About 8 months. It received oral sex from a will? Now higher (approximately 23) at a party. A d? Asm? S later I started? to have pain / itching? n at the head of my penis. I expected to fuerapero safe? To worsen, as? I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with an infection? N by levadurasy place me on a cream treatment antimic? Policy. This does not function? and Extendi? the problemaa my foreskin and was made? nm? s inc? way, with the white “stuff”. To make the narration unaanhela? N short, despu? S of 6 months. free treatment? success including p? medicine or pills and fluconazolesteroides (better than ever at first and then pas? to be bad again) tom me? my advice Drs (a rega? adientes) for the circumcision? n. This Ayud? much at first, but the redness / itching? n came back? at the head of my penis. Is there any substitute thing that can be treated? If so? PLEASE, PLEASE state so! Dr. ’s just state m? S creams, m? Sp? Ldoras.Una nurse in one of the cl? Techniques I went to hear my story, and I stated that’s what I get porpecar, I’m starting to am asking? same? Greatest answer :

not be silly not to get yeast infections for ’sin’ as you say, the nurse was likely to be a bit sarc? acoustic to you. ? Have you had a test / infections transmision sexual STD? Yeast infections can be caused by too much bacteria in the body of a? Or without “sin”. ? You wear underwear? You have to let the area has a circulaci? N air as much as possible. Have you had some antibiotic? Ticos that? Sorry, but IDK what the p? Medicine or pills are fluconazole. ? The physician takes a culture and inhabitants? To tested to see which? type spec? traffic of infection? No yeast you have? In some cases, certain steroids can cause yeast infections. My sister suffers from severe asthma and requires steroids that cause yeast infections – it has nothing to do with “sin.” ? You thought about consulting a natur? Leg if cl solutions? Techniques est not? N working for you? Or go visit the other lot, Dr. Bueno.

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