Anyone have advice for my penile yeast infection?

May 8th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Anyone have advice for my penile yeast infection?
Im 21 years old male and i have a penile yeast infection that i cant get rid of. I’ve had it for 16months now and it reoccurs very often. I got infected through unprotected sex with a female. I started useing canesten 5 months after initial infection and that didnt do anything. Then the physician gave me ketoderm to apply once for 2-4 weeks and that works but the yeast infection symptoms reoccur around 7+ days after i stop useing it especially red blemishes on the penis head. I have not been on any antibiotics. I have been drinking alcohol on a weekend basis and it seems that can be feeding the infection. I am uncircumcised and i would like some advice on treating this further because its getin to the point where its affecting my mental say and each day life. Any adivice on diet or other remmedies would be great. thanks
Thank you everyone for the feedback, its astonishing how fast you all replyed. After first sign of symptoms about 5months after intercourse I had a bloodtest taken for STDs and they didnt get back to me so im guessin i dont have genitial herpes. I spoke with the female i had sex with after my first symptoms and she had been to the physician and was diagonosed with a yeast infection. My physician however never did any tests im guessing assumed it was one according to my symptoms and my story. I havnt had sex since and im dying to cure this dam yeast infection! I will try some of these methods and i hope it works! THank you all I will let you know my outcome soon

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