? Anyone have an infection? No fungal badly for a long time?

January 31st, 2012 by Emily
yeast candida albicans
by diluvienne

Question: ? anyone have an infection? No fungal badly for a long time I have an infection? No fungal badly for nearly 4 few years and there is ning? No drug that makes? sta away. ? Someone had the same problem and not a medicine that can help me? I tried all kinds of medicine, Doctors & Surgeons have given me everything and nothing works in the former? Regimes always comes Candida Albican which means an infection? No yeast. I have this problem for a years now. S not? What? m? s do please help! Greatest answer: Answer

Sarah D
4 years? wow … I recommend you get an OPINION? n of a different differnt dr. S? I want to keep seeing your dr and try all kinds of different med. Cotton underwear? n and keep the area very clean.

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2 Comments on “? Anyone have an infection? No fungal badly for a long time?”

  1. mocristy says:

    I suggest checking out your diet. It may be that you are feeding the little buggers with what you eat. A diet high in simple carbs and sugar can make a yeast infection worse. If you have been on antibiotics they will also mess up your bacteria balance. It can take a year to get your body back in balance after taking antibiotics. Acidopholis can help get the yeast under control. You can get pills from the pharmacy, or you can just eat yogurt with live and active cultures.

    Also, your doc should check your blood sugar. If you have had a yeast infection for 4 years then it is quite possible your blood sugar is too high and that is what is feeding the yeast.

    If the yeast is only in your privates, then don’t douche. Douching kills off the bad and the good. Beneficial bacteria live all over us and they eat the bad bacteria and the yeast. But if you wash them away they can’t do their job.

  2. EROS7776 says:

    I had a severe (bleeding and sore) yeast infection for over a year and when I finally went in to see my family doctor for a check up, the first thing she did was stick my finger and check my blood glucose. My BG was almost 400 and I am a diabetic. I had no idea that was a primary symptom of diabetes. You really need to have someone check your blood sugar because I don’t know any other reason for a chronic yeast infection. I don’t want to scare you, but if this has been going on for 4 years, you could be risking your health in many ways if diabetes is the cause. Please go get checked right away.

    good luck..

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