Anyone have broken skin from scratching due to yeast infection?

July 11th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Anyone have broken skin from scratching due to yeast infection?
I am on my 3rd and last day of treatment for a yeast infection. This day I noticed that my labia is so raw that I actually have broken skin in one area, I presume from scratching it. Has anyone else experienced this? Any recommendations on how to heal it? I have been using the monistat cream but it seems to sting a little.

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Answer by emadoo
Sometimes you can have two problems at once. I have extremely sensitive skin and this same thing happened to me once. It turned out I had a skin condition called lichen where the skin gets so irritated that it starts to thicken because you’ve scratched so much (I have psoriasis, too). The skin becomes extremely tender, irritated, and in some cases, can bleed. I would recommend seeing a dermatologist if the problem continues as it might be something more than just the yeast infection.

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One Comment on “Anyone have broken skin from scratching due to yeast infection?”

  1. Rosie19 says:

    OMG…I am with you on this one. Unfortunately for me I had a rare strain of yeast and my infection actually went on for over a year. I had the kind of yeast infection that consisted of itching only; no smell or discharge.
    No antibiotics helped, no creams…nothing helped.
    I finally started seeing a new OBGYN and she prescribed Boric Acid supositories…they were a dream come true. (just in case you are prone to yeast infections…try that next time)
    There were days that I would actually scratched myself to the point that I was bleeding.
    The best advice I can give is DO NOT SCRATCH. It will only make is worse and actually can spread it.
    Instead, ask your doctor for a Hydrocortisone Cream with a steriod in it. That worked like a charm for the itch.
    Good luck!

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