? Anyone know a home remedy for yeast infections?

September 10th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Anyone know a home cure for yeast infections Greatest answer: Answer

I o? do speak about a mont? No of people intake yogurt to adjust the levels of yeast. But what I will? Do in? Current times is that you can take a tube of an empty or tampons, are filled with plain yogurt and use as a treatment too? N. Tambi? N has been recommended to Freezing? N of these and so there is immediate relief. Pens? it was a great idea, and have not had a chance to test portfolio? a.Por course, you must know your history m? physician and ensure that there are allergic to something so l? Dairy, which might be in yogurt. But it is natural and it sounds promising.

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3 Comments on “? Anyone know a home remedy for yeast infections?”

  1. thenoseknows says:

    Stop eating any form of sugar or starch as it feeds the candida albicans fungi (yeast). Take a probiotic supplement, 50 billion live cells for at least 6 weeks. Grapefruit seed extract 200mg three times a day.
    Topical preparations and drugs just suppress the problem for a little while and then it comes back worse than ever.
    Antibiotic use has been linked to candida infestations: the antibiotic kills off your own good gut bacteria that would normally kill the candida, but can’t now because it’s non-existant. The probiotic puts good gut flora back.

  2. Ela says:

    Yeast infection is usually caused by over use of antibiotics that kill all bacteria, the illness causing and the good bacteria that is essentiall in the intestines to process the food. Without this bacteria the food sits there and produces gas and bloating. Yeast infection usually means, all bacteria is dead. This bacteria has to be replenished by using Probiotics for few weeks, couple months as needed. You can buy those in most health food stores. The more kinds of bacteria the better. Eat food rich in fiber and yogurt.

  3. bluemoney says:

    besides all the other great ideas suggested–unsweetened cranberry juice

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