Anyone know good yeast infection treatments?

February 20th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Anyone know good yeast infection treatments?
I’m exhausted of dealing with recurring yeast infections. I’ve exhausted several treatments but none of them really seem to help. Please give me some advice or something that’s worked for you. Thanks!

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Answer by Yah Yah
monostat!!!! its the bomb. no lie repairs it in like two days. i get yeast infections from tampons…believe me monostat is my friend

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4 Comments on “Anyone know good yeast infection treatments?”

  1. Old E says:

    monistat 3 unless your sensitive than i guess you would have to use monistat 7, if its going to go away in 3 days why go through the trouble for 7, 3 days and your back in action.

  2. Master says:

    Some how infection may affect the vagina and uterus and then the discharge might become yellowish or reddish and the whole area shall be itchy and painful You should should consult a gynaecologist and get advice and treatment not with the internet.

  3. tally_red02 says:

    I have used Monistat 3 and 7 with success each time. It hurts like a bitch when you first put it in, but this was because I think I waited to long to start it and the irritation had gotten bad. The earlier you start the treatment, the better. Also, if you want to go natural, you can try plain yogurt. It’s messy, but works! Apply the yogurt directly to your vagina with your finger or you can use an empty, clean tampon applicator. I’m serious, it works!

    Try eating more yogurt in your regular diet or take probiotic supplements to help keep your vagina’s environment in balance. Also, make sure to dry your vagina thoroughly after showering, don’t use douches/feminine sprays, wipe front to back, and try wearing cotton underwear, too.

  4. Jane H says:

    Hi, I know what you mean about those damn yeast infections. They bothered me for years and I also tried a lot of things. I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for help and found this website… They have a lot of good info here especially how to cure yeast infections naturally and without medicine. Check it out!

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