? Anyone know if the antibiotics? Ticos Solodyn skin cause yeast infections com? N?

April 23rd, 2011 by Emily

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by RambergMediaImages Question: anyone know if the antibiotics? ticos Solodyn skin cause yeast infections com? n ? I’ve been in this p? Pill, Solodyn, my dermatologist prescribed? Logo for a couple of months and she is assigned to another 2 months today. ? Lately I’ve been feeling that I have to urinate a lot and I do not s? if that’s something to do with? l? any idea? burns a little. Greatest answer: Wed Response Narby NARB std
? Qu? do you think? Answer below!

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One Comment on “? Anyone know if the antibiotics? Ticos Solodyn skin cause yeast infections com? N?”

  1. M U says:

    Yeast infections sometimes occur with any antibiotic. The antibiotic kills off the bacteria in the infection (that’s what it is supposed to do). But with the bacteria gone, any yeast cells can grow without competition. You might want to read this Web page, which mentions this issue with respect to Solodyn.

    On the other hand, frequent urination is not a common effect of Solodyn. If anything, it is likely to make you go less frequently.

    Bottom line: you need to tell your doctor what is happening. He may want to treat you for a yeast infection as well. Call the doctor’s office and tell them your concerns. Good luck!!

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