Are my reoccurring yeast infections truly a sign of diabetes?

November 25th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Are my reoccurring yeast infections truly a sign of diabetes?
Hello. I am 30 years old and have always been prone to getting yeast infections. But in the last year I have noticed they are more frequent and difficult to treat. I am getting them each 2-3 months and the over the counter treatments are not effective anymore. My old physician just reminded me about wearing cotton panties, consume yogurt, don’t wear tight clothes, etc. I am careful of all of these things and I still get a yeast infection like clockwork. I am going to a new Physician now, and she ordered a blood panel for me, to check for diabetes! I was completely shocked when she even mentioned it, and I just thought that she is ruling things out. But now that I am inactivity for my results, I can’t help but wonder and do some research and I am alarmed by how many symptoms of diabetes I relate to. I went to and compared myself to their list of 10 symptoms of diabetes:

1) Feeling overall fine. Which I do. I feel healthy but I do get exhausted a lot, and one thing with me is I get SUPER cranky when I get really hungry.
2)Thirst and frequent urination. This totally applies to me. I drink a lot of water during the day as it is, but I also take medications at night so I get up at least 3-5 times each night to urinate.

3)You’re exhausted all the time. This is totally true. I am constantly feeling exhausted and fatigued. I have always blamed this a lot on the medications that I take for my epilepsy which is controlled.

4)Frequent Yeast Infections. Well, this is why the diabetes tests are being done, I never would have even thought of it! But yes, I get one each 2 months or so. I don’t take baths, I don’t like hot tubs….I am clean and take care of myself. And the over the counter formulas don’t work for me anymore.

5)Cuts and bruises heal slowly. I am not sure about that… I really don’t think that that’s an issue for me but I have never thought about it.

6) Frequent Cold and Flu. This is true for me. Last year I got the flu BAD 4 times!! and then I got a couple of nasty colds too. This spring I got the flu… and I have had good luck this fall. I always joke that I get sick just looking at sick people. I have always been very susceptible to getting sick for some reason.

7)Your vision is blurred. I have noticed this a lot especially lately. I keep telling myself that I need to get my eyes checked but I actually think I have really good vision. My eyes get blurry at night, especially when I am tired. I go to school at night so I notice it there a lot.

8)Unexplained weight loss. I wish!!! I keep trying to loose a few pounds and it keeps coming back. The medications I take for my epilepsy is commonly used for weight loss, and I have gained since I started taking it. So go figure…

9You’re always hungry. Yes, this is true. I am a total grazer.

10)Numbness, tingling or pain in your feet and hands. This is something that I have not noticed an issue with.

I have no genetic history of diabetes in my family…. so can someone please tell me…. do you think my physician is just ruling it out? Or is this possible???

Thank you so much for your time and for reading.

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Answer by jackie m
These are mainly for type 1 diabetes and not type 2, type 2 is the opposite like gaining weight and find it hard to lose. I was found to be type 2 diabetic through other blood tests and I had no symptoms and never had thrush, never thirsty or pee too much, never hungry, eyesight fine just wear glasses for reading but I am 56 years old, hands, feet etc are ok, I never get a cold, I am always exhausted as I don’t sleep well but I also have an underactive thyroid and take medication for this as well as for type 2 diabetes, type 2 is not genetic and mainly in the over 40, overweight, deficient of exercise and bad diet. You state you have a lot of yeast infections, due you have a partner and has he been treated? Good Luck

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5 Comments on “Are my reoccurring yeast infections truly a sign of diabetes?”

  1. Monica says:

    Yes they are, but otherwise healthy people can get them too.

    You may be reading too much into your doctor ordering a blood test. You are at an age when you should begin getting yearly blood screens for things like high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

    As far as your symptoms go, well, those symptom lists can be confusing since some only show up after you’ve had diabetes for years and/or have extremely high blood sugar levels.

    Frequent yeast infections would be due to extra sugar in the blood stream, since yeast grows in the presence of sugar. So that could be an early indicator. Frequent colds and flu would be from a suppressed immune system which is a symptom of diabetes at any stage.

    Blurry vision and unexplained weight loss are symptoms of undiagnosed type 1 or advanced type 2. You probably don’t have that, but if you do it will show up glaringly in your blood screen.

    People in the early stages of type 2 tend to be hungry often, gain weight, feel tired. The real crankiness when you get hungry could be a sign too.

    The problem with the blood screen for diabetes is that it gives a 3 month average which could be misleading because you could also have low blood sugars from your body releasing too much insulin. If your doctor is really worried about diabetes she will give you a GTT (glucose tolerance test) which shows how your body reacts to sugar. Or send you home with a blood glucose meter so you can check your blood sugar occasionally.

  2. Ben Trolled says:

    If you suffer from chronic vaginal or yeast infections and medications don`t seem to work, you may have been misdiagnosed.

    A recent study of 30 women, who were diagnosed with chronic yeast infections and who experienced a return of symptoms after they completed their medication, found yeast was not the culprit. All had an extremely high incidence of condyloma — more commonly known as venereal warts.

    Also could be a Bacterial infection.

    Take care

    Ben Trolled

  3. Kai says:

    Yeast infections can be due to diabetes in some people. Yeast feeds on sugar, if you have an overabundance of sugar in your body, you might have more problems with yeast infections. BUT, has your husband/boyfriend/lover(s) been tested for yeast also? They can be a carrier and reinfect you when you have sex; they have less chance of showing a yeast infection since their goods are internal and moist as females’ are.

  4. CarbonDated says:

    There are several common causes of repeated yeast infections that do not include diabetes. One is that your sexual partner keeps giving you the yeast infection back. If you tend to get colds and flu, it may simply be that you have a poor immune system at this time or you are simply around people who have small children. When I worked at one business with a lot of parents of young children, I was getting sick all the damn time. Working at a place that primarily employed people over 40 with teenaged or older children, I never got sick.

    It’s just a reasonable thing for the doctor to check.

  5. Wroy Long says:

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