Are there any natural cures for yeast infections?

March 26th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Are there any natural cures for yeast infections?
Or is there anything you can do to stop a mild one from turning into a full blown one? I appreciate any informative, mature answers. :)

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Answer by MRC
Yes, your can cover a tampon in PLAIN yogurt and leave it in over night, you can ties a sting to some garlic wrapped in gauze and leave that in over night, you can consume garlic, you can take a probiotic. All of those things should at least help, if not cure it. Good luck, yeast infections are the worst!

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8 Comments on “Are there any natural cures for yeast infections?”

  1. Mel-am Meru says:

    At the health food store they sell natural remedies that help. Also you want to stop eating and drinking anything with sugar (sugar is food for yeast), and eat non-sweetened yogurt. You can eat the kind with fake sugar if the non-sweetened is too bland. Yogurt has beneficial bacteria that will colonize inside your body and kill off bad bacteria and yeast.

    If you have had sexual intercourse recently you may want to make sure it isn’t an STD so if this is a possibility then get checked out too…hope this helps.

  2. baadmf says:

    wash yourself regularly and hang some garlic around your neck.

  3. julie says:

    yes, and it does not hurt even if it sounds like it

    take a big garlic clove (organic if you can)and peel it. run a thread through it and knot the ens like threading a needle. Insert into vagina (you can also put a few slits in it to increase strength) remove via the string..insert new one ever day or two

    some people insert yogurt research on google but I used and preferred the garlic method that I learned from Dr Richard Schulze, maker of the save your life videos

    I would try the garlic method and follow it up with yogurt internally and externally (plain organic yogurt not flavored internally) be sure it says it has active cultures on the container

  4. sublime_savvy says:

    Yeast infections are encouraged to “grow” because of high blood acidity. If you can eat foods that are more chemically like bases (alkaline), your body chemistry will discourage yeast infections.

    There’s a link below describing pH diets and a link to eHow on defeating a yeast infection naturally. A lot of the advice about yogurt, garlic and sugar works because it is based on the pH of those foods :)

    Keep in mind that the natural way may not always cure your specific case of yeast infection. Give it a good effort, but if it’s still around after 2 weeks, you might want to consider the OTC medicine or the doctors medicine to cure this one. Get your body chemistry in check and keep very clean with a regular vinegar douche so it doesn’t happen often.

  5. Unpretty says:

    I’ve never heard of dipping a tampon in yogurt…but when I used to get them I would eat yogurt and drink cranberry juice. If you can’t tolerate the tartness of plain cranberry, try cran-raspberry because the raspberry is actually good for strengthening the uterus (though many think it is just the leaf, my doctor said that the actual raspberry is also good for this). Another method I’ve used for stubborn infections is to drink a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice, a tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It flushes the bacteria…but don’t do this too often as it can also cause weight loss, so drinking too much can be unhealthy…just a glass a day is fine.

  6. Ouida B says:

    Yogurt with live active cultures is good for yeast infections. Acidophilus (sp?) at the drug store works too. If there is irritation in the area, you can also put yogurt there for immediate relief

  7. mamacedar says:

    PLAIN Yogurt (Not Vanilla, just plain unsweetened yogurt)
    Insert a spoonful of plain yogurt into your vagina before bed…but wear a pad – it can get messy.

    Yeast Infections, take acidophillus pills.

    For the burning INSIDE vagina, soak a tampon in plain yogurt, freeze it, then insert it, and let it thaw.

    TO PREVENT yeast infections STOP using scented soaps.

    “Basis” BRAND or Neutrogena “original formula fragrance free” is good.

  8. deeterluvscj says:

    Douching with about 3 tsp.of hydrogen peroxide to a quart of water til’ the symptoms subside works great.

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