are there similarities between pregnancy signs, yeast infection, and STDs?

January 18th, 2011 by Emily

Question: are there similarities between pregnancy signs, yeast infection, and STDs?
I’m not sure what I might have…I have uncommon discharge, I took monostat 1 and it went away, but then I had sex with my boyfriend and it came right back! It also hurts lately when we’re having sex, but just right around the opening…and I have some dry skin too on the upper part. This has come and gone like three times over the past month or two…what could this be a sign of?

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Answer by fiesty_smoldering_brunette
i had the same type of symptoms you are describing right now it was painful for me to pee and i couldnt hold in my pee and couldnt sleep because of it and sex was extremely painful for me too. i went in to my doctor’s for my first pap smear at 17 years old and the tests showed that i had chlamydia. be sure to go to your doctor’s or gyno as soon as you can to get the problem resolved, it is not a life threatening diese but if left untreated it can harm your reproductive system if that’s what it is.

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  1. Shay says:

    I’m not a medical professional or anything, but it sounds like it could be a yeast infection. If you and your boy friend are having unprotected sex he can re-infect you with the yeast infection (especially if he’s not being cured himself). With yeast infections the vagina can become dry and having intercourse would be painful in that case. But you should definitely check with your doctor who can let you know what you and your boy friend can do so you won’t get re-infected.

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