Are these Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?

May 17th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Are these Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?
Thick yoghurt like discharge between those two flap things… Itchiness…
a tiny bumpy (skin texture)…
sometimes stinging and even a tiny bit of blood – maybe because i scratched it too hard?

Please help! i am young and i am not sure what this could be?
ps : my mum knows and is helping me

i just want to ask u guys for another point of view :)

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Answer by Stu B
I would recommend going to see a physician about this. You can never be too careful.

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7 Comments on “Are these Symptoms of a Yeast Infection?”

  1. Kay says:

    sounds like it..does your discharge have a weird smell? if it does its probably a yeast infection.

  2. chels says:

    yep yeast infection. just go to cvs, and get a monistat for 3 or 5 days…i get yeast infections ALL the time and so i just get my mom or friend to get me a monistat at the drug store. don’t be scared…its just a yeast infection..and your still have MIllions TO COME as you get older have fun with that…just go to the drug store because its not gonna go away by itself.

  3. carlyallcock says:

    nope ,

    that is a dirty spunk and c0ck cheese infection.

    stop shagging and have a bath

  4. Stephanie P. says:

    ask ur mom

  5. Felisha N says:

    you know what i might be that or it can be something else. if i was you i would go see a doctor because you never know what it is for real. if u are under age and scared to tell ur parents then go to the ER they can’t turn u down they have to see everybody, so go ASASP

  6. Lauren says:

    Yeast Infections affect nearly 75% of all people, including both men AND women, at some point in their life.

    They occur when Candida, a natural fungus in the body, overgrows. Candida is normally regulated by Acidophilus (another microoganism living in the body).

    When diet and hygienic conditions change, sometimes the Candida will grow out of control. This leads to a yeast infection.

    Yeast Infections often show up as localized yeast infections — as in a vaginal or penile yeast infection.

    They can also appear as a digestive tract disorder or skin irritation — as in Candida Overgrowth yeast infections. I’ve provided information on how to treat LOCALIZED (vaginal or penile) infections below…

    The symptoms (you may not experience all of them):
    - white cottage cheese-like discharge
    - some odor
    - dryness (can cause bleeding)
    - digestive problems
    - itchiness
    - burning urination
    - painful intercourse
    - a feeling of just not being “normal”

    Here are some safe, natural cures you can implement.

    Avoid Sugars
    Avoid sugars and complex carbs for a week. they “feed” the Candida fungus.

    If you’re not treating the infection with the Tree Tea Oil solution mentioned below, air out the infected area while you’re sleeping at night. Don’t wear underwear. Or wear cotton underwear during the day.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract
    Add grapefruit extract to your water during the day (raises acid levels in the body). This will decrease the candida in your body.

    Eat probiotics like cottage cheese and yogurt. They will increase the acidophilus in your system and this in turn will fight off the candida yeast.

    Shower frequently. Avoid scented soaps and antibacterial soaps. Don’t take baths while you have the infection. If you go to the gym, shower immediately when you get home.

    Drink lots of water and eat plenty of fiber to flush the infection out of your body. As a yeast infection goes away, the candida albicans release toxins which increase symptoms temporarily. Flushing these toxins out with water will speed your recovery.

    Tea Tree Oil
    Apply tea tree oil to the infection by applying it to a tampon and keep it inserted overnight. You can also just apply the Tea Tree Oil directly to the irritated area.

    For more cures…

  7. beauty gal says:

    Knowing the symptoms of yeast infection can help to have a better initial diagnosis of the condition. The typical yeast infection symptoms that can be observed are severe itching in the vaginal and vulvar area, redness, irritation, small cracks in the sensitive mucous membrane, which cause pain, and a thick, white, curdish discharge. The discharge is generally odorless. In severe cases itching and redness can spread to the upper thighs. These symptoms may be due to the infection itself or to an allergic response to the fungus, which can be severe.

    For more information on causes of yeast infection and immediate relief, you may wish to read about them here :

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