At what point can a yeast infection no longer be treated by natural methods?

July 24th, 2013 by Emily
natural yeast infection treatment
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Question: At what point can a yeast infection no longer be treated by natural methods?
I am taking 600 mg of Garlic, 365 mg of Caprylic Acid per day, and two acidophilus capsules with 5 billion bacteria in them per day. The yeast infection is already to that cottage-cheesey stage. How long should I continue my treatment before I seek medical treatments like Diflucan. Can the yeast infection at this point even be treated by natural methods? Thank you.

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Answer by notalonewithcancer
You could double your dosage of garlic. It would be wise to see the physician to rule out urinary tract infection.
Cranberries work well for this. You can drink the 100% juice or get it in supplements. Using supplements of cranberries once you are sorted out can ward off future attacks.

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3 Comments on “At what point can a yeast infection no longer be treated by natural methods?”

  1. SkepDoc 2.0 says:

    1. Self diagnosis is a dangerous thing. You may have something other than a yeast infection. It could be a vaginosis (which is bacterial) an STD, or a just a very persistant yeast infection. You should see your family doctor or gyne.

    2. Mild vaginal yeast infections (Monilia ,or Candidiasis) are relatively common in women, and may settle with some of the “natural” treatments you mention. Yeast tends to be an opportunistic infection and may be more likely if you have recently been treated with an antibacterial agent, if you have undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes, are obese, or have some immune deficiency problems, such as HIV.

    3. The sort of total body yeast infections that naturopaths and homeopaths routinely diagnose clients with is complete nonsense. There is no such thing and the diet advice they offer (no white foods for eg) may be reasonable advice, but is non-treatment of a non-problem.

  2. Larry O says:

    Try other fungicides like : oil of oregano, olive leaf extract, cinnamon (the kind from health stores.
    Use one for a week then switch and use another for a week. there are many strains of yeast or (fungus) so you may have to try different fungicides to attack it.
    The strongest fungicide I know of is Oregonal P73 found in health stores. Put a couple of drops under your toung a couple of times a day. It will burn a little but will be effective.

  3. Halema says:

    A temporary measure is to clean yourself with alcohol-soaked cotton swabs. Yep, it’s gonna hurt, but it does the trick. I used to have a standing monthly prescription of Diflucan at the pharmacy. So did all my friends. One day, my friend got so upset at all the money being wasted on something that only worked temporarily, that she cried to her doctor and this is what the doctor did to her in the office. Yep, it’s gonna hurt. (did I say that already?) We used to try all the natural stuff, but it just isn’t effective.

    The permanent measure to take is to stop eating all dairy products and sugar, or anything that turns to simple sugars in the body. Most people don’t want to do that, though. Sugar and dairy feeds yeast. Commercial yogurt doesn’t help in this situation, either. Once you have stopped the yeast infection, you can drink Kefir, which is better than yogurt anyways.

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