Atkins with symptoms of yeast die-off?

October 4th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Atkins with symptoms of yeast die-off?
I started Atkins nearly 2 weeks ago. About 4 days after I started it, I noticed that both my armpits were really itchy and there were a couple tiny tiny bumps on them. I didn’t think much of it. Then I developed a weird round patch on my left breast and it was a tiny dry in the middle. A day or so after I noticed that the rash spread all over both breast, on top and underneath, on my stomach, sides, collarbone, and neck, and some on my back as well, and I noticed that it’s spreading to my arms very slightly. I went to two Dr.s and they both don’t know what it is, but stated that it looked fungal. I then came across people on Atkins developing a skin rash and people saying this it was die-off. I soaked in epson salt last night, and used hydrogen peroxide and coconut oil on the rash last night and this morning. Do you think this is die-off? How long will this rash last for? Should I go on the Candida diet instead of Atkins? I did the spit test and according to that I have Candida… Does anyone have any recommendations on how to relieve this unsightly rash? I’m kind of nervous that I have a serious problem now… I plan on getting some probiotics today, along with some coconut oil pill, ACV and Spirulina. Will this help?

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Answer by Cindy in Texas
Toxins & excess hormones are stored in fat cells – when you release the fat, you release the toxins & excess hormones also. This can cause minor problems for awhile. The toxins that aren’t flushed from your system will make their way out through your pores, which can cause itching & rashes.

I would recommend making sure you drink lots of water to flush toxins. Drink a salt water solution with 1 tsp UNrefined (preferably mined) salt twice a day (once when you first get up, before ingesting anything else) The choloride in salt can bind to some toxins so they are cleared from the body. Adding evenhandedly heavy doses of chlorella regularly (slowly work your way up to higher dosages) will also help remove toxins.

If it’s fungus, I would recommend applying iodine to areas that are covered & vinegar to areas that you don’t want discolored (with iodine) It probably will take regularly application for a while to clear it.

If it’s yeast, I would recommend this forum for guidance -

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