baby oral thrush question?

May 28th, 2012 by Emily

Question: baby oral thrush question?
My 14 week olds thrush will not go away. They prescribed her nystatin again and on the directions it states to do it with a q tip? I’ve always done it with the dropper that came with the medicine. Is that okay? The first time she had it, it went away in a few days. Now its been back for a few weeks.

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Answer by Jacke
my sons have never had it but the dr told the girl next to me that you should never place the dropper in a children mouth becuz it will pick up the bacteria/ sickness…i would use a clean q tip each time. good luck!

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4 Comments on “baby oral thrush question?”

  1. Granny M x says:

    thrush is quite common in infants she may not be responding to the nystatin and may need another type of medication you did not say if your breast feeding or bottle feeding bottles&teats must be sterilised and rinsed from the Solution change her teat if your breast feeding are you using a cream for your nipples this could be doing it or your soap you may have to neutralize your nipples of soap eg. or it could well be something your eating or she could be sucking her fingers in which she will need mittens on definitely talk to your nurse or doctor about it again as she may have an infection Hope This helps Luv Granny Mx

  2. Ashley Bristol says:

    my son had it a few different times and its hard to get rid of and the nystatin didnt work for us either. go to walmart and by the breast pump supplies you can find microwave sterilizer bags for about $5 to sterilize her bottles, pacifier, the medicine dropper anything that goes in her mouth or she will just keep reinfecting herself.

  3. Dave Bain says:

    Baby thrush can reappear unless you kill of the root of the problem. Here are a few natural remedies you can try.

    Good luck!

  4. Bassist B says:

    My daughter has had thrush a couple times. I was told by my pediatrician to give her the Nystatin with the dropper twice a day, and then use a q-tip to swab it around her mouth the other two times. After swabbing her mouth, then give the rest of the dose to her with the dropper or a cup. However, I’d say that the Nystatin probably isn’t working for her now and she needs Diflucan. Some thrush is very resistant to the Nystatin, and it actually only worked for my daughter’s thrush once and she needed Diflucan the other times.

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