Boric acid?

February 27th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Boric acid?
I think someone is trying to poison my family by puttig boric acid in our food. Wer are getting dizzy, weak headaches, body aches. I found an emptybottle of it near our food supply. Is this possible? Would these symptoms occur ifwe ingested small doses of it over a 2week period?

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Answer by serena_morris70
who in the heck would do this to you, and then leave the evidence lying around. Are you sure you’re not delusional?

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3 Comments on “Boric acid?”

  1. Octal040 says:

    Boric Acid isn’t too very Toxic, you can even ingest a teaspoon with probably no effects depending on your health. Boric Acid is given as a suppository for treatment of yeast infections.

    I doubt you are being poisoned with Boric Acid but I bet you have a problem with Carbon Monoxide, or some other gas leak in your house or the normal kind of food poisoning.

  2. Deke says:

    For some reason, boric acid is far more toxic to ants and roaches than to humans. It is actually used in eye medications in addition to the suppositories the other guy answering pointed out.

    He is right about the carbon monoxide, but not about the radon gas. Radon gas is one of the “noble gasses” and is not chemically reactive, so it doesn’t produce the kinds of symptoms you describe, but Carbon Monoxide sure does.

    Radon has no immediate health effects in levels typically experienced in homes, what it does is increase your likelihood of getting cancer years in the future, since it is moderately radioactive.

    However, your symptoms are somewhat general in that a lot of different things can generate these symptoms. If there was something in your home, it should lessen when you are away.

    If you notice that the symptoms lessen when you are away, I would lean away from concern about your food and be more concerned about your indoor air quality.

    If you have a physician that you go to regulary, I would see if you can consult with them by phone or e-mail. Some will do that free of charge. See what he or she has to say about your symptoms.

    If not, call the poison control hotline for your area. They should be able to narrow down what may be causing your symptoms.

    Also, don’t rule out that seeing the open boric acid bottle may have just made you feel sick. The sickest I’ve ever felt from food was when I was eating chicken bento and I ended up with a mouthful with the top half of a chicken beak in it. Even though it wasn’t toxic or any worse than finding a bone (which never bothered me), it made me feel dizzy and completely sick to my stomach.

    But you should still contact your physician, just to make sure it isn’t anything more serious.

  3. Rob says:

    I can’t imagine having a “food supply” like it were some sort of containerless proposition.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, boric acid may be poisonous particularly to children and can also be a skin irritant. Boric acid were sometimes used as a topical medication or contact medication such as used with feminine inserts.

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