Breastfed baby with possible thrush… home remedies!?

April 30th, 2014 by Emily

Question: Breastfed baby with doable thrush… home remedies!?
Okay so i am looking for a easy cost friendly home remedy! I am unsure if she does have thrush or not and I am pretty sure I have the infection on my nipples and they are very clear to treat baby even if baby shows no symptoms. I hate using any medications for my tiny ones! So after much research one of the home remedies for a breatsfed baby was to use their pee on a wash cloth and wipe the inside of the mouth with it. I have been considering this over night and have read that it heals prob within 2 days! Which is superior then apiece other method Ive read sometimes fails and somestime is painful and sometimes doesnt even work at all!!
Any thoughts (real respectful thoughts!) are uch appreciated! even if you disagree please dont be rude about it! we all dont like seeing our babies in pain!
Also do you think it would work on nipples? I have been using the micro anti fungal for my nipples. They state you dont have to wash it off but I gently do wash it off with warm saopy water before feeds! I even have started feeding on one side to alow the other to heal more quicklys. I sterilize my pump after apiece use! and been sterilizing bottles toys pacis…. EVERYTHING apiece day! this yeast crap is horribly painful for me so I wonder if it is the same for her :(

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Answer by Ethel
See the doctor. You can use gentian blue which works very very well, however it stains their mouth and you and your clothes and if you use it a lot (some babies have their mouths blue their whole first year) it can be linked to cancer (but it is a weak link). But this isn’t something to mess with as it is painful for you and the infant so please do more than home stuff! Either gentian blue or a doctor.

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2 Comments on “Breastfed baby with possible thrush… home remedies!?”

  1. justanothamotha says:

    That link is all about using grapefruit seed extract to treat it. However – I *think* it runs about $15 a bottle – but it WORKS. I had treatment resistant thrush while nursing #1 and pregnant with #2. I never had trouble with yeast before pregnancy – but then couldn’t shake it. You also need to wash all cloth items (bras, burp cloths) with 1 cup of vinegar to kill it in your wash, as most washer do not get hot enough to kill yeast. I also buy probiotic powder (about $15 also) and get your finger wet, dip it in the probiotics & put in baby’s mouth. It helps replace good bacteria that normally keeps yeas tin check naturally & is totally safe. After I applied GSE – I’d also sprinkle that on my nips. For me – not only for myself, but moms I’ve recommended it to – you should see real relief pretty immediately & then all you need time for is healing & within 3 days I’d suspect you’d have NO pain anymore…if not sooner. Your nips will heal quickly IF the yeast is being treated adequately.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Some lactation consultants recommend applying gentian violet to your baby’s mouth. Gentian violet is a dye that will stain anything it comes in contact with. Research has shown it to be quite effective; achieving a 75% cure of the illness in 11 days on average, compared to 34 days for an untreated baby.

    Before trying this remedy for your baby’s thrush, you should be aware of a recent study raising concerns about the safety of using gentian violet for treating thrush as it may cause cancer in animals if used in large amounts. (You’ll find references to the research at the bottom of this article.)

    The remedy has been in use for a long time and there are no reported incidences of cancer in humans. Discuss with our baby’s doctor if you want to use gentian violet. If you decide to go ahead, make sure you buy the Gentian Violet 1% solution. (Here at Amazon) Not the 2%-solution, which is also often available. You can find the dye at many drugstores or order it from the pharmacy. Use a cotton swab to coat the inside of your baby’s mouth.

    It is easier if you ask someone to help you hold your baby when you apply the gentian violet. Also undress your baby and make sure that you are not near anything that might be destroyed from a few stains.

    Apply the dye once or twice per day for up to three days. Apply Vaseline to your baby’s lips before using the dye, to avoid purple lips on your baby.

    Sodium bicarbonate

    Something a lot easier, and probably safer, to apply is water which contains sodium bicarbonate. Buy carbonated soda water, such as Club Soda, but check that the water really does contains sodium bicarbonate.
    Otherwise blend 0.5 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (bought in any drugstore) in 0.4 cups (1 dl) of plain water.

    Again use a cotton swab to coat the inside of your baby’s mouth. You should do this after every breastfeeding (if you breastfeed) or as often as you have the energy to do it. I can tell you I certainly did not do it a night with my children and the baby thrush disappeared anyway.

    Coat your nipples too, since that may help the fungus go away faster.

    Fresh lingonberry jam

    Yes, lingonberry jam can also be used, if you can find it.
    Personally I prefer the sodium bicarbonate treatment, because lingonberry jam has such a strong taste. It seems a bit tough for a baby who has never tasted anything but breast milk or formula.

    Treat you baby the same way as if you use sodium bicarbonated water.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract

    Not a commonly known home remedy for thrush, but an effective one! Grapefruit seed extract is very effective for killing micro organisms including fungus.
    To use this remedy, buy a bottle of citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract and mix 10 drops with one ounce of distilled water. (Do not use tap water; it can make the treatment less effective.) Apply to your baby’s mouth and your own nipples once every hour and also before every feeding in your baby’s mouth and after every feeding on your nipples.

    If you see no improvement after two days, increase the concentration to 15 drops per ounce of water, and then finally to 20 drops per ounce. If this is not enough to clear the thrush within a day or two, you should probably discuss medication, such as Diflucan, with your doctor.

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