? C how to treat the infection? N medicine resistant yeast?

September 27th, 2013 by Emily

Question:? C how to treat the infection? medicine resistant yeast n My friend has a kid or 3 years (just turned 3) who is trained bath or during the day? to, but a? n as? carries a pa? when at night. She has an infection? Eruption yeast n? N pa? When that is resistant to prescription drugs. His mom also? N feed your yogurt, as well? as acid? edges. Nothing works. Suger? yeast eliminate foods from your diet for a while and switch brands of pa? ales.? Any recommendations to help be? n welcome. Greatest answer:

My niece ten ? to an infection? Yeast n / w? with for months. I discovered? it was at? rgica the drug. The drug did worse. My sister dej? to use and was 3 d? ace.

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3 Comments on “? C how to treat the infection? N medicine resistant yeast?”

  1. Ang says:

    Sugary foods and drinks can make yeast worse.. also try letting her wear loose cotton pants during the day with no underwear. She def needs to get “some air down there”…
    ALSO BUBBLE BATHS are really bad for little girls and can irritate them worse warm water and gentle washing down there…Sounds like your friend is doing the best she can, yogurt and probiotics would’ve been my top choice remedies…

  2. leavemealone says:

    In addition to acidophilus and yogurt it is a matter of PH levels in the body. Yeast doesn’t like an acidic enviroment. Try to include as many acidic things into her diet as possible. Vinegar is great but not all kids like that. Citrus fruits, pineapple, and strawberries are all acidic fruits. More importantly reduce the sugar levels by replacing white bread with 100% whole wheat bread and pasta and replace as much white sugar and corn syrup with fruits and natural sugars. Look up Candida Albacanus(thrush) online and you will see this explained in depth. Good Luck

  3. Teri says:

    Try cranberry juice to drink, and swabbing the rash with vinegar. If either of them are too strong for a small child, water them down a little.

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