? C? Mo treat an infection? No yeast erupci? N pa? To?

April 26th, 2012 by Emily

Question:? C? Mo treat an infection? No yeast erupci? N pa? To Recife? No baby has an infection? No yeast erupci? N pa? Al. ? Est? cream using 1% clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF) appropriate? Greatest answer: Answer

by Sarah L
Go to the doctor. They will give? N appropriate medications

? What? do you think? Answer below!

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4 Comments on “? C? Mo treat an infection? No yeast erupci? N pa? To?”

  1. jujubean says:

    My daughter had the same, and the only way to treat this diaper area yeast infection is to take the child to a doctor and get a prescription for Nystatin. This is the only thing that works. I now have a foster child that is going through the same thing. Again, I tried other stuff, but ended up at the pediatricians for Nystatin. You will be surprised at how quickly this stuff works

  2. Taylor's Mommy says:

    my daughter has a slight yeast infection under her arm. go to the doctor they will definatly give you some thing to help it. mine gave me nystatin cream usp. 100,000 usp nystatin units per gram

  3. Ian's Mommy says:

    Our pedi prescribed an ointment (vusion or something I think) and it was gone in a day.

  4. jcox says:

    No. You need a prescription for Nystatin. One of my daughter’s used to get these as a baby. Nothing else worked except this prescription cream. Her rash looked pimply, very red, and sometimes bloody when wiped. Also do not use diaper wipes. Use wash clothes or bounty soft paper towels with water on them to wipe her with. You need to bring her to her pediatrician.

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