C? Mo treat the infection? N or? Do cat (possibly yeast) without Tresaderm? Previous side effect temp. deafness.

March 20th, 2012 by Emily
cat ear infection? no yeast
by sharon.schneider

Question : C? mo treat the infection? n or? do cat (possibly yeast) without Tresaderm? Previous side effect temp. deafness. 2 months ago our cat was scratching a lot in the head and ears. She actually lost? much of the skin around your or? two of all the scratching. The vet deterministic? that ten? to an infection? n o yeast? do and Tresaderm prescribed. The infection? N cur Yeast? but termin? losing their hearing temporarily. The veterinarian stated p? Loss of audici? N was the result of the medicaci? N, not the infection? N. Fortunately, the audience returned despu? S 2 weeks. Now you are? back to scratches his or? two again and there is a patch of p? hair loss so we are suspecting another infection? n. ? Alg? N advice? Greatest answer: Answer

kellierides AFTER
other medicines, a drug test procedure. I hate the antibiotic? Ticos, but you might have to try, Tambi? N is an anti-inflammatory. ask that the substitute drugs vert

? ade your own answer in the comments!

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4 Comments on “C? Mo treat the infection? N or? Do cat (possibly yeast) without Tresaderm? Previous side effect temp. deafness.”

  1. mountainman92351 says:

    Hydrogen peroxideequally mixed with distilled /bottled water!
    Use 1 towel …to wrap cat.. Iodine 4 the scratches 4 those who think they don’t need the towel.
    Take mixture up in a clean eyedropper, 4-5 drops in infected ear twice a day for 10 days.
    This will not hurt cat in anyway! They do not however like it! It does work in most cases. This also works on humans dogs etc..Good luck!

  2. leftygirl_75 says:

    tresaderm is very safe as far as I know. Your vet told you this??????????????????I have never heard of that

  3. Needmorelove says:

    You should never use hydrogen peroxide in the ears it can be very irritating to the skin. There are other medications that can be used to treat the yeast infection as well but they may be a little more expensive. Tresaderm has a medication called neomycin which is a antibiotic which can potentially be toxic to the ears (this is more common with the pill form of the antibiotic and rare with Tresaderm drops). That may be the reason why your cat became deaf though this is very uncommon. Other options for treating a yeast infection that you can ask your veterinarian about is a drug called miconazole. It is an anti fungal drug that specifically treats the yeast that causes the infections (Malassezia pachydermatis). There are also specially medicated ear washes that may work as well so ask your veterinarian about them. I would also recommend that you look into why your cat has recurring ear infections after you finish her medication. This may be a sign of allergies or other problems. If it continues to be a problem (ie. the yeast infection keeps coming back every time you finish the medication.) I would recommend that you should consider seeing a veterinary dermatologist just to make sure.

  4. kf9as says:

    I second needmorelove’s answer. I’m a vet tech in a predominately feline practice, and we use miconazole more than anything else for feline ear infections. See your vet for this– don’t ever use over-the-counter meds without a vet’s okay and instructions.

    Been doing this a long time!

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