Can a boy have a yeast infection?

November 6th, 2013 by Emily
pictures of yeast infection
by fatllama

Question: Can a boy have a yeast infection?
I just asked a question about diaper rash & some of you guys stated my son could have a yeast infection, is that possible? How would they test for it? And how can they tell if he is allergic to something he’s intake & that is whats causing the rash?

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Answer by Laid Back Mommy

Does his rash look like the picture? Yes, yeast infections can occur in boys.

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4 Comments on “Can a boy have a yeast infection?”

  1. M.T.L. says:

    Yes, a boy can have a yeast infection. I have 3 boys and they have had them. You can buy a kit @ a pharmacy to let you know,or just bring him to your pediatrician to be sure. If I remember correctly there was a white cheese like discharge on my sons groin area.

  2. Cohen's mum EDD10/30/10 says:

    Yes my son’s first diaper rash was when he was about 7 months old. It was a yeast infection. it cleared up after about a week.

  3. BraxOwl says:

    Yes, boys (babies, children and adults) can get yeast infections just like females can.

    If he has a diaper rash that is caused by yeast, you need to take him to the pediatrician. It will NOT clear up on its own, and can quickly get out of control. A simple Rx for Nystatin cream will have it looking better after the first use, and clear it up quickly!

    The doctor would be able to take a look and determine whether it is yeast or not.

  4. KJ says:

    Anyone can get a yeast infection. Unfortunately, diapers create the perfect environment for yeast to proliferate (warm & moist). Your pediatrician will be able to tell for sure if your son has a yeast infection. Typically, there will be a white cheese like substance in the creases of his groin with the skin possibly red & inflamed.

    If your son has been on antibiotics for a different type of infection (ear infections, etc.), he may be lacking in the intestinal bacteria that would help keep yeast in check. Ask your pediatrician for a recommendation on a probiotic for your son. You could also try feeding your son yogurt with live cultures in it. Try to stay away from the ones with a lot of sugar in them though – the sugar actually feeds the yeast.

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