Can a infection? N penile yeast causes pain in the testicles?

March 25th, 2013 by Emily

question: Can a infection? n penile yeast causes pain in the testes My boyfriend has been taking antibiotic? ticos for a while and now we have discovered recently that has an infection? Yeast n . ? L has been having testicular pain, as? and we wonder? Guests may? become of the infection? No yeast or duty? masters be worried about something more? s serious Greatest Answer : Response

see? aa one m? physician about the infection? Yeast n come back? aa view to m? physician about it.

? Ade your own answer in the comments!

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One Comment on “Can a infection? N penile yeast causes pain in the testicles?”

  1. Lazarus371 says:

    I believe it could be due to the yeast infection though obviously it would be dependent on the nature of the pain etc. If his testicles are itchy too then I guess that’d increase the likelihood of the pain being related to the infection. I’m assuming you know not to give him any more antibiotics! Also eating garlic as part of a meal everyday helped me a lot, though my yeast infection was in my stomach.

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