Can a person use a home kit to check Vagisil an infection? N yeast?

December 24th, 2012 by Emily

question: Can a guy use a home kit to check Vagisil an infection? Yeast n I think you might have an infection? n yeast and might have given my boyfriend im getting a test m ‘,’ can use it to Greatest Answer :

Answer No, a man can not use a home test kit Vagisil. You s? Can treat without a diagn? Stico sure, not har? gives? o. There are two things you can do: 1) If you think you have an infection? N penile yeast has a n? Mere choices.Men treatment can use many of the same drugs and drugs for women. Each over-the-counter antifungal est? here? with the study of the product and its active ingredient:???? Monistat-1 with active ingredient tioconazole???? Monistat-3 also? n with tioconazole (3 day treatment as)??? Femstat or Mycelex with butoconazole ???? Monistat-7 with miconazole???? Gyne-Lotrimin Mycelex or both chlotrimazole2) Or you can make a home remedy, some people like this way, but it works. I’m going to post a link for you to read when it comes to yogurt and probity? Ticos. Taking a regularly probi? Ticos can help prevent yeast infections for you also? N, contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is the “good” bacteria found in the vaginal flora. If you have more? S of “good” to fight? against “bad”.? Good luck!

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