Can a vaginal yeast infection or the antibiotics cause white spots on throat?

July 11th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Can a vaginal yeast infection or the antibiotics cause white spots on throat?
I had a vaginal yeast infection and my gyn gave me Fluconazole for it. I started getting tiny white spots on my throat about the same time I got my yeast infection can my vaginal yeast infection have caused them?

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Answer by mendo child hill kid
yes it can…I think. Go back and let them look at it or research photos of oral yeast infections, and see if it is the same

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3 Comments on “Can a vaginal yeast infection or the antibiotics cause white spots on throat?”

  1. bblsbrat says:

    First off…The dr. did not give you an antibiotic for the infection. If you are taking antibiotics then that is where the yeast infection came from. Now you know that you are prone to yeast infections when you take antibiotics, so everytime you need antibiotics, make sure the dr. gives you Fluconazole to keep you from getting one. Thrush is a form of yeast infection that is found in the mouth. Normally it is on the inside walls of your mouth and on the tongue. If it is only on the throat, more than likely it is something else. Ask the dr.

  2. THE EMPEROR says:

    I don’t think the infectionn would have caused it, but sometimes antibiotics that you take can. It’s because they don’t only kill bad bacteria but also good bacteria so that can leave your mouth unprotected from getting things like thrush. I’d see the doctor, although they’ll probably just prescribe you the same antibiotic you’re already taking , but go anyway because that would be gross.

  3. Xanthos says:

    It sounds like thrush, are the spots occurring on the tongue as well? Do you have any other symptoms besides the vaginal yeast infection?

    Make sure not to let this get out of hand, because it seems like it may be spreading through your system. I would begin to notice any other symptoms that seem unusual, you can take online Candida and Yeast Infection Tests as well to determine if you are indeed developing a systemic Candida infection.

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