Can a yeast infection,along w/other symptoms,be indicative of Type 2 Diabetes?

April 9th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Can a yeast infection,along w/other symptoms,be indicative of Type 2 Diabetes?
I went for my yearly physical,and my doc stated that an infection I had,along w/other factors,led her to test me for type 2 diabetes.When my father was diagnosed,it was a yeast infection that led them to test for it. Is a yeast infection,along w/other symptoms,a valid reason to check for type 2 diabetes?

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Answer by TheOrange Evil
High blood sugar not only makes any type of infection more likely, but can also result in a slower healing time. You didn’t state what the other factors were, but chronic yeast infections can be grounds to test for diabetes, as can your genetic risk.

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3 Comments on “Can a yeast infection,along w/other symptoms,be indicative of Type 2 Diabetes?”

  1. RN851 says:

    Hi Kelley – yes, a yeast infection with other symptoms would be reason enough to test for diabetes. Yeast are hungry little organisms whose favorite food just happens to be sugar. If you are diabetic you will spill sugar into your urine. The urine can then act as a source of food allowing a yeast infection to take hold. Other factors which might influence your doctor to test you for diabetes might be excess body weight, thirst, frequent urination, hunger and possible weight loss. Age can also be a factor. The test is simple and relatively inexpensive so be grateful that you have a doc who is on top of the situation and looking out for your welfare. If you do have type 2 diabetes, the sooner it is diagnosed, the sooner you can start treatment and the less likely you are to develop serious complications. Good Luck!! Hope its a false alarm.

  2. Tabea says:

    Yes, recurrent and stubborn yeast infections can be a sign of diabetes.

    Bacteria love warm, sugary environments.

  3. Noccie says:

    Depends on what the other symptoms are.
    You can ask for a test for diabetes any time. An A1c test is more important than a random finger prick.

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