Can allergies cause vaginal yeast infectionS?

May 19th, 2011 by Emily
vaginal yeast infections
by diluvienne

Question: Can allergies cause vaginal yeast infectionS?
I have food allergies to milk, cheese, mold and more. I keep getting vaginal yeast infections. Can food be causing these infections?

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Answer by David
Yes, but only if you are drinking milk and intake cheese through your vagina. By definition, allergies can’t cause infections.

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One Comment on “Can allergies cause vaginal yeast infectionS?”

  1. rnc620 says:

    It is most likely caused by something else.
    1. don’t use any soap or lotion in that area that has a scent to it. Use something hypoallergenic. Cetaphil is a good one.
    2. Wear breathable cotton underwear. Nothing satin or nylon.
    3. Sleep with the least possible clothes on. Moist conditions from sweating makes things worse.
    4. They can be cause by sex. Condoms can cause irritation which can cause a yeast infection. Make sure you’re using a natural lube like “wet”.. Also the difference in pH from semen can cause one.
    5. Taking Antibiotics and or birth control increases your risks of getting a yeast infection.

    Have you seen a Dr.? Are you sure it is a yeast infection and not a bacterial infection? The issue may be that you are not fully getting rid of the infection (be it yeast or bacterial) because of an inadequate treatment and your Dr may need to give you a stronger or different Rx.

    The Dr. should be able to help you identify what is causing your reoccurring problem. My Dr. suggested that I eat yogurt daily (though there are conflicting beliefs about whether this is an effective treatment between medical professionals). She also told me to increase my Vitamin C intake.

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