can eating plain yogurt cure candida infection?

February 9th, 2014 by Emily
cure for candida infection
by Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants

Question: can intake plain yogurt cure candida infection?
I think i have a candida `infection i cant afford any creams so i choses yogurt. Will this help?

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Answer by cirkdone
Candida is a fungus which grows under the foreskin. There is no way that intake yogurt (or any other food) can cure it. The only thing that can help is to severely reduce your sugar intake since excess sugar in the urine provides ‘food’ for the fungus.

You must see a physician to get the correct anti-fungal agents. Abstain completely from se until you’ve completed the course of treatment AND got an all clear from the doctor.

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One Comment on “can eating plain yogurt cure candida infection?”

  1. Dean says:

    Hi Daniel

    Sorry No it won’t. Candida is a very persistent yeast infection that simply doesn’t want to move. Eating a probiotc yogurt to rid yourself of candida is like trying to extinguish a burning building with a small water pistol.
    Now don’t get me wrong its good being on a well balanced strict candida diet, this helps in easing the symptoms but again in no way will it get it out of your system. What you need are strong probiotics, not the ones you’ll find in a supermarket, these are designed just to maintain a healthy system. The ones I’m talking about actively fight and beat candida getting it out of your system for good. Here you will find info on the 2 best probiotics and also why you really do need to take them to rid yourself of your candida infection. Hope this helps

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