Can female dogs get yeast infections???

May 23rd, 2014 by Emily
female yeast infection
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Question: Can female dogs get yeast infections???
I was at work this day and my bosses have 2 mini daschunds that live at the salon with them when one rolled over for a belly rub i noticed she had white stuff coming out of her “peepee” does anyone know what that is ?? she is a female

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Answer by michelle
yes they have the same diseases humans get

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8 Comments on “Can female dogs get yeast infections???”

  1. TMF says:

    Females can get vaginal infections. Not real common but I would not be concerned unless the discharge was large and if the female was not spayed.

  2. starrwoode says:

    well she could have many sorts of infections, the dog needs a check up.

  3. chi-kita 27 says:

    absolutely just tell him to get her to the vet and they’ll fix it right up for her.

  4. Justin C says:

    just about any bitch can get yeast infections

  5. breezybeautiful says:


  6. autumnfaerie8 says:

    They can get infections down there… the dog needs to be seen by a vet.

  7. Jennifer says:

    It could be a yeast or a bacterial infection, which could lead to a bladder infection. Your boss needs to get the dog to the vet asap.

  8. diva_dejavu_again says:

    If you have a dog with an infection, your dog will die if you dont have her spayed right away dont wait!

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