Can I Get Rid of Yeast without the Candida Diet?

December 13th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Can I Get Rid of Yeast without the Candida Diet?
My doc suspected I had systemic yeast in my stomach whein I went to her complaining of chronich sinus infection & post nasal drip. I tried the diet for this past month and it works. I just don’ want to have to do this forever. The only supplements I’ve been taking are grapefruit seed extract & acidophilus. They’re supposed to get rid of the yeast as well. But are there any other supplements I can take to get rid of the yeast? I’ve heard of Candex & ThreeLac. Does anything else work? Or do I have to stay on the diet for ever?

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A different way to take your acidophilus is by having 3 serves of fat free plain yoghurt a day, this works well. Some good results have been obtained from using a good calibre colloidal silver. Good Luck.

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4 Comments on “Can I Get Rid of Yeast without the Candida Diet?”

  1. Pamela says:

    A friend went on a Raw Diet for Candida she had it very bad and it helped, most of are illness are because of the way we eat . check out there web site, I went raw 100% for 6 mo. and I felt better.

    Good Luck and remember we are what we eat.

  2. -bls says:

    Garlic lots of garlic fresh is best or tablets make sure they dont take the smell out.

  3. JLB says:

    Garlic. Take 4000mg per day until your problems are gone, then take 1000-2000mg per day to maintain health

  4. Goldista says:

    Unfortunately, this problem does not go away just by taking medication/supplements.Diet plays a big role in treatment.
    The best diet is stay away from anything that feeds yeast e.g. sugars, carbs, etc. when your system gets free of yeast you can go back to your regular diet.

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