Can I get thrush from oral sex with braces?

January 24th, 2014 by Emily

Question: I get thrush from oral sex with braces I went to the physician recently qui m n told me to keep thrush and gave me some cream, as in few d?? they’d to rinse. I started? to notice the s? symptoms AFTER? s my boyfriend licked me? out for the first time? has l keys. Makes about 4 d? Ace had oral sex again and this day I started to notice the same s? Vez.He other symptoms you? Do in many websites that the brakes can cause oral candidiasis, it is doable that the brace is me? N giving vaginal candidiasis Greatest answer:

Candidiasis is a fungal infection n?. Supports can not cause the yeast to exist, but can give you a home. This is unlikely to be the main element in their infection? Embargo.La n no more? Healthy women to have a mont? N yeast, bacteria, and as? on live in the vagina and causes ning? problem. Thrush usually seems to take hold when the normal equilibrium is interrupted – for example bacteria producing acid l-usual tactical been killed, reducing the acidity of the vagina, allowing thrush to take root?. This can be caused by excessive douching, use of antibiotics and by? Ticos by v? Oral, and some p? Birth control pills.

? Qu? do you? Answer below! [Viewing? ReviewAZON n = query "SearchQuery" = "cause of oral candidiasis" count = "5" category = "All" page = type "1" = "default"]

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3 Comments on “Can I get thrush from oral sex with braces?”

  1. Jenniferr says:


  2. Pagan Pip says:

    Yes this is possible, even the smallest amount of food trapped in the brace can create the bacteria which causes thrush – you are clearly sensitive, but you will have to be careful. I suggest that you treat yourself for thrush again and for future oral sex use a dental dam (you can get these from the chemist) the sensation may be impaired slightly but you will be protected and so will he. Once his braces are gone – bingo!
    Also he should use mouth wash just to clear any stray bits!
    Good Luck

  3. nannyf2 says:

    Your boyfriend needs to go to the Dr. You probably have had the thrush without realizing it and then your boyfriend had performed oral sex on you and therefore he has gotten it in his mouth. Until he is treated he will continue to give it back to you when you are having oral sex.

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