can i put honey on my infant yeast infection?

January 15th, 2012 by Emily

Question: can i place honey on my infant yeast infection?
My baby is two months old now and had a yeast infection on her bum nearly since she was born. I heard of adults using honey for yeast and was wondering if its innocuous to place it on my babys bum. Let me know thanks

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Answer by Boring
Keep honey away from infants period. It contains bacteria that their tiny bodies can’t fight off well that young.

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11 Comments on “can i put honey on my infant yeast infection?”

  1. Danielle H says:

    Never heard of that. Yeast thrives on sugar so I wouldn’t recommend it. Ask your doctor what’s best to do.

  2. Daisyhill says:

    Not honey….natural yoghurt. I would not personally….but ask the doctor…it might be safe. Never heard of honey being used…only natural yoghurt.

  3. Tracey Seth says:

    Why aren’t you using a antibiotic cream for it? Has your doctor diagnosed it as a yeast infection?

    I would be using a pahrmacutical because I know how miserable I am when I get a yeast infection and I can’t imagine putting my infant through that while I “experiement” with home remedies.

    I think it’s cruel.

    And I too, have heard of plain yogurt, not honey.

  4. Amanda says:

    honey? what? no, ask the dr what is best to use. never use anything unless you clear with your dr first. better safe than sorry. but i have never heard of using honey. that’s silly.

  5. Heather says:

    The reason babies aren’t supposed to have honey is that it can contain botulism. Infants are particularly susceptible to it. But I don’t have any idea if they could get it from honey on their skin. I do have a friend who used plain yogurt instead to cure a yeast infection. It worked very well.

  6. Jaimie-lee says:

    No, no honey anywhere near a bubby under 1.

  7. ♥Sugar Bear♥ 36 weeks with a boy says:

    Honey contains live botulism do not put it anywhere near a child under 1

  8. ♥Baby Lena is finally here♥ says:

    Honey? You can’t be serious. Why don’t you take her to the doctor? No honey to child under one year old.

  9. Steve says:

    Yeast infections aren’t that easy to permanently get rid of. Many products can temporarily relieve the symptoms, but a long term treatment approach will be your best bet to completely elliminate it.

    One of the more popular and effective homeopathic solutions is yeastrol. It’s very effective at treating yeast infections in children.

    What you can also do to speed the recovery is to change their diet in a way that will starve the yeast organisms (Candida).

    Things that you should remove from their diet are all sodas, sugars, fruit, fermented foods, foods containing white flour,
    alcohol (especially beer), antacids and any product that has yeast or mold.

    Things to add to their diet are live yogurt cultures (or take Acidophilus), plenty of water, fresh vegetables, lots of protein rich foods, whey protein, raw garlic, nuts, seeds, oils, millet, rice and oat brans.

    Hope this helps and best of luck! :)

    I’ve included the link to their website if you’re interested

  10. Cadence Jade's Mommy says:

    Are you sure you heard honey and not yogurt? Plain yogurt is used sometimes to help clear them and yogurt helps to prevent them, but I have never heard of honey. The sugar in honey would feed the yeast…not kill it.

  11. cinnea says:

    No. You should not put honey on your infant daughter’s yeast infection. Because she has had it for two months and has presumably been seen by a doctor, you should take her to a different doctor for a second opinion. It is possible that rather than a yeast infection, she has some kind of allergy or skin infection, or that her yeast infection requires a different type of medication to treat. You should never use food products in her diaper area – if it enters her vagina, she could develop a more serious infection. I have heard of other natural remedies, but they are untested and too harsh for an infants delicate skin. She is far too young to feed yogurt to, and besides, at this point, creating “good” bacteria isn’t as important as treating the bad bacteria that already exists.

    You may already know this, but infants under 1 should never be given orally because honey may contain botulism spores that their body may not be able to fight off. These same spores could – in very rare circumstances – cause a skin botulism infection if applied to an open wound on a person of any age. For this reason combined with the fact that it would be very sticky and uncomfortable, I would not suggest anyone use honey to treat a yeast infection.

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