Can I take something orally to get rid of a yeast infection?

May 1st, 2013 by Emily

Question: Can I take something orally to get rid of a yeast infection?
I am developing a yeast infection and was wondering if its something I can take orally and can purchase at the drug store/health store to get rid of it? I have heard something about yogurt. Is it true that it will get rid/prevent yeast infections? And can you actually dip a tampon into yogurt and insert it inside to work?


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Answer by Stimpson J. Cat
Yes, you can dip a clean tampon into plain yogurt and insert it. That is a natural remedy. There are over-the-counter kits to treat yeast infections sold at drug stores. They only require one or two insertions and they do work.

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5 Comments on “Can I take something orally to get rid of a yeast infection?”

  1. Brutally Honest says:

    Acidophilus will help over the long term and will help to prevent future recurrences. However, if you’ve already got an infection then the best thing to do would be to contact your doctor and get an oral dose of Diflucan. Alternatively you can buy an OTC suppository called Monistat (there are other variations & brand names for this as well. You’re looking for Miconizol).

  2. sokokl says:

    It is true that eating yogurt can help prevent a yeast infection. For a suspected yeast infection though, I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation because there is another kind of infection that has some similar symptoms to yeast: bacterial vaginosis.

    Also, taking acidophillous tablets can help prevent yeast infections. I’ve been taking acidophillous tablets now on a regular basis for about 6 months.

  3. missalabama says:

    Try Diflucan its a pill and all u need is one.I went to the free clinic and got one. My infection cleared up the next day

  4. flingpad says:


    just go and see your doctor first….yes i’ve heard that eating yogurt helps prevent yeast infections, but right now you are having it right? so go to your doctor first.

  5. min min says:

    Check it out to get a definite answer with the doc then you can look for alternatives

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