Can I use Probiotic Formula Acidophilus for yeast infection?

December 8th, 2010 by Emily

Question: Can I use Probiotic Formula Acidophilus for yeast infection?
I purchased Spring Valley brand from walmart of Acidophilus pills. Can I take them orally and insert them inside of me for yeast infection of vagina and them help vaginally and for my butt yeast infection? What’s the difference between what I have and Lactobacillus acidophilus vaginal suppositories? Are mine just as good?
I can’t afford anti-biotics, no insurance. Physician here charges 0 co-pay. Rather use home remedies due to money.

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Answer by elpi
Taking them orally should target both areas. BTW, what’s up with the yeast problems? Are you taking antibiotics? Acidophilus works before I feel any symptoms, like while I’m taking the antibiotic, but, once I feel the itching, I have to use a monostat-like insert.
Good luck and God bless.

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2 Comments on “Can I use Probiotic Formula Acidophilus for yeast infection?”

  1. TweetyBird says:

    Antifungals are used because yeasts and molds are fungi. It’s simple to take an oral probiotic because it works systemically but sometimes more that that is needed.

    The difference between what you have and the suppository form is this: As I’d mentioned above, the oral form works systemically, throughout your entire system. Vaginal suppositories work topically, but only where they are used. (If I had a rash on my hand and arm and used a cream only on my hand, I’d still have a rash on my arm. Understand? Topicals work only where they’re applied)

    I suggest you use the Monistat 1-Day treatment for the vaginal candidiasis, a topical antifungal cream or ointment for your rectal candidiasis, and use the probiotic as directed for systemical removal of the Candida. Practice very good hygiene and be sure to wash your hands BEFORE & AFTER inserting the vaginal suppository as well as BEFORE & AFTER applying an antifungal to your rectal area. Look at your diet. Perhaps there are foods you eat a lot of that foster Candidal over growth — potatoes, yams, aged cheeses, alcohol, fruit, chocolate, nuts, sugar and vinegar — omit some, cut back on others. Instead include foods that discourage growth — onions, cabbage, raw garlic, turnips, kale, and broccoli.

  2. Scaboo says:

    Have you ever considered a more natural approach to your problem? It seems to me that you suffer from recurring yeast infections and creams and pills usually offer only temporary relief before you end up having the infection once again.

    Using tea tree oil or boric acid suppositories are 2 of the more popular natural approaches to this problem as well as consuming lots of yogurt.

    You can read about more natural and permanent treatments for yeast infection in this free report I found which you can download for free here:

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