Can I use two one day yeast infection treatments in a one week?

April 17th, 2014 by Emily
one day yeast infection treatment
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Question: Can I use two one day yeast infection treatments in a one week?
I used a one day treatment two days ago and experienced relief internally from the pain, but continue to have external itching and burning. The cream is helping slightly, but I am tempted to use another one day pack since in the past I have always used a 3 day or more pack… rather than try to make a Drs appt this weekend (I have had a yeast infection before so want to exhaust all options before going to the Dr since they will probably just give me more meds and charge me for the appt).

Has anyone ever tried this? with success? disclaimers?

Help! I am running out of patience for this discomfort!

Best answer:

Answer by Lady Blue
Some people can take the one day pack with no problems. I have taken the one day yeast infection pack and it cleared the symptoms sort of but did not work all the way. I would either go with the three day treatment or seven day treatment. I always take the seven day treatment because I know that for my body the one day treatment does not work. A physician appointment is not necessary in my opinion. If i were you I would get the seven day treatment and make sure not to forget to take it each day


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