Can I use yogurt as an alternative to treat yeast infections?

November 12th, 2011 by Emily
treat yeast infections
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Question: Can I use yogurt as an substitute to treat yeast infections?
I have gotten a few yeast infections during this pregnancy and do not want to use monistat or perscription stuff anymore.

Is it o.k. to use plain yogurt or acidophilus pills to treat them ? Anyone else use this method of treatment

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8 Comments on “Can I use yogurt as an alternative to treat yeast infections?”

  1. punky says:

    Yes, it does the same thing it just takes a bit longer

  2. singlefmmom213 says:

    I have but I love yogurt and eat it all the time anyway, it never hurts to try it

  3. Chastity M says:

    Yes, I’ve heard it’s perfectly healthy and effective to use yogurt. Just make sure it’s sugarless, and put it on a tampon. I’ve tried acidophilus pills, ingesting them orally, and I find it didn’t help, however if you wanted to use them vaginally I’m not sure.

  4. Kelly says:

    When you have a yeast infection, the bacteria that is normally found in your vagina is disrupted. Yogurt helps restore the bacteria. I’ve taken a few antibiotics which are known to cause yeast infections & my doctor told me to eat a LOT of yogurt to prevent getting one. I don’t know how well it would work to treat a yeast infection, but I’m guessing it could work. It might just take longer than monistat.

  5. mktxlady says:

    Something that works just as good and is not as messy is sit in a luke warm bath for 20 minutes 3 days in a row with two cups of white distilled vinegar. Works like a charm. Not to mention it is very cheap.

  6. witchhazel99 says:

    eating lots of yogurt helps .it seams to keep the yeast infection away. but it may not work for every one so try it if it dont work for you id see the doc gl

  7. Erin B says:

    I used it once when I read in the home remedy book also what helps is sleeping with your legs open at night with no panties on it gives you a chance to air out as they call it

  8. Alexandrea U says:

    Yougurt does work, and yes, it does take much longer.
    If it is a slight infection, it will respond readily. If it is severe, best to take the standard treatment then use yougurt as a prevenative. Your partner can re-infect you if contact is made before you are fully recovered. Therefore use barrier protection, your partner will do fine with the yougurt culture.

    Also note that frequent yeast infections may be a concern for a more serious underlying condition including diabetes.

    Good luck!

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