? Can masturbation? No cause an infection? N penile yeast?

October 21st, 2011 by Emily

Question: Can masturbation? No cause an infection? n penile yeast I am a boy of 13 years, you have not reached puberty portfolio? to, but I masturbated 12 times in all my life, I am so worried that I might have an infection? n penile yeast of masturbation? n? is as?,? masturbation? No cause an infection? n penile yeast. and there is an infection? No yeast in the urethra of the penis?! AYUDAMejor response: Answer

TONY? ? ? ? Nothing
the masturbation? N can be harmful to your cuerpo.Las fungal infections and other sexually transmision sexual usually be caught by contact with another mortal and having PROTECTION sex? not descuido.As? to continue as est? and stop preocuparse.Lo worst that can happen is that you too? n do m? or less and make your penis m? s pain. If this happens a couple of days they are all you need to heal. (The children your age com? Nmente w @ nk 3 or 4 times the d? To, but some do m? S and other much less)

? What? you think? Answer below

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3 Comments on “? Can masturbation? No cause an infection? N penile yeast?”

  1. -nico- says:

    What is Penile Yeast Infection?

    A yeast infection is the name for a common infection caused by a type of yeast-like fungus called Candida. A penile yeast infection occurs on the penis.

    A yeast infection is also called candidiasis.

    What Causes a Yeast Infection?

    Yeast infections are caused by a fungus of the yeast family (Candida albicans). Candida albicans is part of the normal environment of the skin, mouth, and intestinal tract.

    Other causes of a penile yeast infection are:

    Low immunity. An underactive thyroid gland, chronic stress, HIV, lyme disease all hinder your immune system.
    Sexual Transmission from a female with a vaginal yeast infection.
    Antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill beneficial bacteria that is found on the penis and in the crotch.
    Diabetes. Men with diabetes can develop yeast infections because the elevated sugar in the urine creates a beneficial environment for yeast.
    Symptoms of a Penile Yeast Infection

    Sometimes symptoms are not present. If symptoms are not present and your sex partner tells you she has a yeast infection, it is best to go to the doctor.

    When symptoms are present, the most common symptoms of a penile yeast infection are:

    irritation and soreness of the head of the penis
    severe itching on the head of the penis
    a white, clumpy discharge
    redness color on the head of the penis
    small blisters on the head of the penis.
    Can Penile Yeast Infections be Prevented?

    Yes. The best way to prevent a penile yeast infection is to practice safe sex.

    Can Penile Yeast Infections be Treated?

    Yes. Your doctor will prescribe medication for you.

    Better kissing = better sex.

    hope this would help.

  2. crtbryn says:

    Omar masturbation is a normal thing for all dudes to do the only advise is that you clean up afterword. if you leave your spooge on your tool afterword it will start to smell and chicks don’t like a smelly man tool. it is just personal hygiene. get some baby wipes or go to the bathroom and clean up after a wack session so you don’t create that penis stink that women complain about


  3. Goat says:

    You should relax – like the dude says in one of the answers, just keep it clean and you should be fine. I suggest you just start taking longer showers (be sure to lock the door!). It’s a pretty resilient bit of equipment and don’t feel guilty or worry about doing whatever you need to.

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