? Can my child have thrush breastfeeding unless I get?

November 8th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Can my child have thrush breastfeeding unless I get Sometimes she tells me things white on the tongue. I’m assuming that is either surplus milk or has thrush. It becomes m? S light, but I can not state if he ever goes away completely. But they have s? Symptoms, and I’ve had before with my daughter, as well? that s? how it feels. But sometimes I realize long after whiteness? S of who cares?. Do I have to try to get him to drink a glass of water to rinse the mouth to prevent oral thrush, if the milk remains in the mouth so long? That’s what my daughter’s ped. recommended, but was a bit older (maybe 8 or 9 months?) while my son is? to s? the 3 weeks of age. Ideas? Greatest answer: Cari

response? Or September

need to carry your baby? the pediatrician. It is being? Thrush making her nipples when she is? breast-feeding. I’m not trying to be rude here? …. candidiasis is not to wash the nipples and breasts good enough then? s meals. To get rid of thrush …. you need to get the medicines prescribed by your doctor. know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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5 Comments on “? Can my child have thrush breastfeeding unless I get?”

  1. bReAsTfEeDiNg~MomMa~ says:

    it prob is just left over milk u know what thrush is if ur daughter had it you will notice it being painfull for him to swalow and useing water to rinse his mouth will not prevent or stopp thrush from happing anywas hes to little to have water also to the girl who said its cuz ur not washing ur nipples, washing ur nipples they say not to cuz it dries them out!!! in the shower is the only time i rubbed them and even then i never used soap its way to drying!! i just rinsed in the shower with water and my daughter never got thrush and im still breastfeeding her and shes 7 months old now!!! if u think he has it take him to the pediatrition the worst that will happen is he will tel u yes he does have it and put him on meds and if he doesn then he will tell u EXECTLY WHAT TO LOOK FOR good luck

  2. Samm says:

    Thrush is a yeast infection that many babies get during delivery.

    See the Pediatrician.

  3. crystalfalls_69 says:

    thrush Smells very foul you will know my daughter is formula feed and she has a white tongue alot so i use a orajel soft finger brush cleaner and clean it after feedings:)

    so its prolly just breastmilk unless it has a nasty smell then see the doctor.

  4. gurcanme says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I clearly know what you ask. I have a 7 months old son and we used to have the same problem. The whiteness on the tongue can hardly be lefttover milk. Does he cry while you are nursing him? Babies with oral thrush usually have difficultu in swallowing so they cry. If so this means he has thrush on the tongue. Well what our doctor advised is that you put some carbonate in some water, stir it and apply this mixture on babie’s tongew with a clean piece of cloth twice or three times a day.

  5. Julie T says:

    oh my god! I can not believe these answers!

    YOur child has no siliva to wash his mouth out. It is not likely thrush but if you are worried then please see the doctor. You could have thrush with out symptoms. It can be painful but usually is just a pain in the butt. My DD and I both had it and it has nothing to do with ‘washing your breast’ after feedings or anything else like that. Water isn’t necessary-

    I suffered through 5 boughts of thrush. sucks but you can get over it!

    check out a couple of web sites… kellymom.com and maybe webmd. if you are still concerned then call the doc!

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