Can you get rid of a severe yeast infection without going to the doctor?

May 16th, 2011 by Emily

Question: Can you get rid of a severe yeast infection without going to the doctor?
I used a test strip if i have one. And it came up light purple for the leukocytes and negative for nitrite. It came up with that twice. Which I dont know if that means I have one or not. But I want to know if I do have a serious one if I can cure it without going to a doctor. Cause I hate physicians for one and I get really scared.
@ Takikio

They won’t like look down there or anything?

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Answer by Takikio
No you will need antibiotics. They will just tell you to pee in a cup. Nothing painful.

No. That is not a reason to look down there. If they try refuse because that isn’t normal procedure for a yeast infection.

edit@last person
For a sever yeast infection you need antibiotics. For a mild one you can use monistat. If it is your first one ever you should not use monistat without going to the doctor.

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3 Comments on “Can you get rid of a severe yeast infection without going to the doctor?”

  1. Daniel says:

    you can go ahead and start taking azo yest (dollar store or wal-mart like $3.00) it will get rid of it if you have one and it also will not hurt you to take it if you don t have one.

  2. PETA says:

    You have to make sure it is a yeast infection. If you are sexually active it could be an STD. If you cannot heal a yeast infection on your own it may not be viral and it may be bacteria or it may be an STDl. Viral infections just need to do their course and will heal in time, for instance like a sore throat, however, a bacterial infection is a bacteria like Strep throat, that Strep bacteria needs an antibiotic to make it better, otherwise the bacteria will continue to multiply and your condition will get bad. And also like I said it could also be an STD like gonorrhea or Chlamydia, etc.

    So keep that in mind.

    I never go to the doctor for a yeast infection, however, if it is severe where you cannot function or its driving you crazy go to the doctor or get the Monistat. Especially if you have a fever or chills.

    1. You can buy the products over the counter like Monistat, the combination pack is nice as it has cream for the outer area itching. Dont get the 1 or 3 day one, best to get the 7 day. However, I never buy these as I usually can get rid of it without paying this money or the sticky mess.

    2. Eat lotsss of plain yogurt, not vanilla, no artificial sweeteners. It tastes like crap but it kills yeast cells.

    3. Drink lots of cranberry juice 100%, no sugar or high fructose sugar added, no artiricial sweeteners. Or take cranberry tablets.

    4. Take cool baths with a little baking soda added.

    5. Keep Natures Cure yeast tabs on hand in case you get a yeast infection or if you are prone to them you can take it once a day to prevent them, otherwise take them while you have one until its gone.

    6. Use vagisil for outer itching relief.

    7. No hot baths or tight clothing.

  3. Engineer Kola says:

    Yes of course you can easily get rid of Yeast Infection without goin to the Doctor. My girl friend had it some months back and she used homeopathic treatments. It worked fine and the result was very visible in abt 3 days. Take a look at the source for the link to where she bought it.
    Engr Kola

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