Can you get yeast infections from damp swim suits?

August 29th, 2013 by Emily

Question: Can you get yeast infections from wet swim suits?
I had heard leaving a swim suit on too long can cause yeast infections in women. True or false? It makes me paranoid.

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Answer by ♥ஜღSnoopPuppyLuvღஜ♥

It’s a perfect environment..moist, warm and dark. Gross but true. That’s why you should change into clothes if you don’t plan on swimming anymore.

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3 Comments on “Can you get yeast infections from damp swim suits?”

  1. says:

    yup its true. when i was younger i went to a camp with a pool and they were on our butts about changing out of wet bathing suits

  2. ǝƃıɐd ʎqqɐ says:

    True. Bacteria like yeast like warm and damn places (aka your vagina and a damp swim suit) to grow. But don’t worry. You need to be wearing a warm wet suit for over three or four hours (not including time in the water, cause then you are moving and nothings growing underwater) and even then you might not. Just throw on some panties and shorts after your done swimming if you can. But I have had damp suits plenty of times and have only had one yeast infection (in the middle of winter too) so i don’t think its too common.

  3. piratechick96 says:


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