Can you take diet pills while having a yeast infection?

January 14th, 2011 by Emily
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by mrs.McD

Question: Can you take diet pills while having a yeast infection?
I have a yeast infection and i am being treated for it, I purchased some diet pills about a week ago and want to begin taking them but im not sure if i should, The diet pills are hydroxycut and they have caffenine in them and i know that caffeine can make a yeast infection worse, So should i move to take them till my yeast infection is gone or can i go ahead and take them without having any side effects to my yeast infection?

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Answer by mrkittypong
Call a pharmacy.

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3 Comments on “Can you take diet pills while having a yeast infection?”

  1. charm . says:

    the best is go to doctor… so he or she can advice you… and u know wat is side effect

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  3. Sandy says:

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