Can young children get yeast infections?

August 29th, 2012 by Emily

Question: Can young kids get yeast infections?
I have a 10month old daughter and she seems to have a yeast infection. I noticed in it in her diaper when i was changing her. Is it doable for a baby to get a yeast infection or is it more serious and i should make a appointment with her doctor? Thanks.

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yes they can…just like they get thrush which is the same as having a yeast infection, just in the mouth. You should have her see the doc as she might need an antibiotic.

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7 Comments on “Can young children get yeast infections?”

  1. You asked, I answered says:

    Yes, it’s possible, yes, see a doctor.

  2. John R says:

    It is very possible for a baby girl to get a yeast infection. If she has been on any antibiotic lately I would say the chances a very high that she does have one. Antibiotic drugs can kill the natural immunity in the vagina and that can cause yeast infections. Make an appointment with your doctor so that she can get some relief.

  3. kat says:

    Yes they can. I would call the doctor. He will probably prescribe and ointment for it. It isn’t usually serious, but you will need an anti fungal and not just diaper rash creme.

  4. ☆**•¸Hey! You asked!¸•**☆ says:

    Yes young girls and babies can get them.. it’s very common when a child is on antibiotics (my girl got one after 2 weeks of being on antibiotics) also.

    You just make a doc appointment and they will proscribe her creams did you put on the same as you would diaper rash cream.. it will get rid of it in a matter of a few days.

  5. *Holly* Mama to Jaden & Rylee says:

    My daughter has one now. She got one after being on antibiotics, then we went to the beach, then it never really cleared up. So, she is on nystatin now and it is finally starting to clear up after a week. Take her to the doc to make sure it isn’t anything more or less serious than a yeast infection though. Good luck!

  6. Shannon L - Gavin's Mommy says:

    Yes, it’s possible, and usually not serious but it does need treated. Call your daughter’s pediatrician to find out how best to treat it.

  7. Roland'sMommy says:

    Sure, my son has had a few. Lamisil or Lotrimin applied 2x daily has always cleared it up very quickly. That was at the advice of my pediatrician.

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