Candida and Homeopathy – anyone have success?

August 28th, 2013 by Emily
candida symptoms
by Earthworm

Question: Candida and Homeopathy – anyone have success?
I have candida – most symptoms are sinus related/ facial bloating/dark circles under eyes and irritability. Someone suggested Aqua Flora or Syclovir – both homeopathic remedies. Has anyone had success with these or other remedies? I’m trying the Aqua Flora now but it seems to make my symtoms worse? Is this normal. I’m on a very strict diet…THanks

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Answer by Jared L
Homeopaths have decided (with no proof) that ‘like cures like’ – silica causes symptoms when inhaled in massive amounts, therefore silica must also cure similar symptoms in any illness.

Therefore homeopaths dilute silica down until there is none left, based on the discredited theory that water has a memory of all substances which have passed through it.

The result is Syclovir – which contains no silica at all and is nothing more than a bottle of water or a lactose tablet.

Therefore, it can have no physical effect on the body or on a medical condition.

You have a real illness, and need an evidence-based solution not a placebo.

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